Sunday, May 28, 2017

Democratic Faith Working Group – Our Mission.

Tweet ( Growing up in a church parsonage, the eldest son of a fundamentalist Christian minister, grounded me securely in faith and family. My dad’s sermons, which were based in Old Testament scriptures as often as they were in the New Testament, offered up pretty big doses of Judeo-Christian doctrines that still guide me today as... [Read more...]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Ocwen Financial over Unfair Mortgage Practices.

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Tweet ( Families, who have assembled the necessary financial resources to apply, qualify, and then purchase a home, understandably value that key investment and its accompanying opportunity to build wealth; but buying the home is just the first step of securing the American Dream of homeownership. What many homeowners soon discover... [Read more...]

State of Black America; Know Better, Do Better is getting old.

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Tweet ( The National Urban League’s (NUL) 2017 “State of Black America” (SOBA) report was released on May 2, 2017; it is titled, “Protect our Progress,” and again contains the “Inequality Index. Since 1963 the NUL has used the mantra, “To be Equal,” as part of its overall goal. I have questioned that goal for a long... [Read more...]

Has capping payday loans helped the consumers?

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Tweet ( One of the ways to tame payday lenders that take consumers for a ride is by capping these loans. And in this regard The Financial Conduct Authority has taken the necessary measures to protect consumers from being ripped off. What was the need for regulations? What made the FCA take this drastic step? It was due to the fact that... [Read more...]

Where Can I Find and Listen to NY Underground Rap?  

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Tweet ( NY has some amazing places in it that wouldn’t be as much fun if everyone knew about it. The second a mainstream magazine does a story about something cool that’s happening without the help of a corporation, the second it becomes swamped with people who may not really understand what it’s all about. This has certainly... [Read more...]

Ryancare shall replace Obamacare – A Medicaid Fix.

Tweet ( With the passage of a new health care bill in the House, the corridors of Congress are teeming with lobbyists fighting reform in order to protect the money they get off the government gravy train of current law. When talking about Medicaid, we are talking about big money. Current federal expenditures are $389 billion. The Congressional... [Read more...]

LSU Your Athletes are not Employees.

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Tweet ( Businesses have a right to impose rules regarding their employees, and protest, to protect their brand. Many of us can understand that concept. When a company chooses this right ALL their employees will be made aware of the policy, and are expected to comply. It is not a new practice for businesses to separate social issues... [Read more...]

Ebony Magazine; PAY Your WRITERS.

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Tweet ( Writing is a profession. Publications cannot exist without writers creating content. Doing this manner of work takes hours of research, staying current on local, national and international event, and of course piecing the articles together. It’s bad enough that many freelance writers don’t get paid what they are worth. Several... [Read more...]

6 Answers to Avoid Overspending on Holiday Gifts.

Tweet ( You may live by a strict budget all year round but undo all your good work at holiday time. Spending over Thanksgiving and Christmas often leads to a financial headache in January and you may regularly forget about your budget when you go on your annual holiday. When you have saved up for that holiday you may want to spend it... [Read more...]

Tax Cut Scam.

Tweet (   “The reality is that years of massive deficits, runaway government spending, artificially low-interest rates, and three rounds of quantitative easing, have left the economy so sick that any tax cut large enough to revive it may actually kill it instead. The only silver lining to this cloud may be that the coming fiscal... [Read more...]

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