Friday, September 30, 2016

Building Black Superheroes with STEM.

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Tweet ( Black Superheroes have been around for centuries, from the stories presented from the archives of Stetson Kennedy, author, poet, and community activist to the works of Tangela Floyd who through the theatrical portrayals in the “Reader Theater” performances “The Black Superheroes” and now the creation of movies and comic... [Read more...]

Setting Up A Games Room? Here’s What You Really Need.

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Tweet ( Nowadays, video games are a bigger industry that music, movies and TV. They might grow bigger than all three of them combined. That’s why so many guys and ladies are starting to be a lot more confident in displaying their love. Even creating more space in their home and lives for their electronic hobbies. We’re not talking... [Read more...]

Baseball: The Ins & Outs Of This Popular Sport.

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Tweet ( Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is not too hard to see why. After all, it is a game which involves many different aspects of sportsmanship in one. Almost everyone has played some baseball at some point in their life. Yet, not everyone continues to do so. If you are thinking about taking up a sport... [Read more...]

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend.

Tweet ( Relationships are very special indeed; we all know this to be true. Every single couple out there is different and no two relationships are ever exactly the same, just as no two people in the world are ever exactly the same. This is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships, since that is the most intimate, particular... [Read more...]

Software That Holds Your Computer For Ransom Is Becoming An Epidemic.

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Tweet ( A lot of people don’t think about securing their computer until a problem occurs. Many of us are familiar with simple viruses that slow your computer down and cause minor issues. We’ve all, at some point, received unconvincing scams in our emails at one time or another. But malicious software is becoming more harmful than... [Read more...]

A Guide to Lean Manufacturing (and How It Can Help You).

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Tweet ( Toyota is known as one of the most environmentally-friendly companies in the world. But how exactly do they do it? After all, they manufacture cars, one of the most environmentally damaging inventions around. They do it using a manufacturing methodology and philosophy they developed in their native Japan. This system is known... [Read more...]

Why Competition Is Such a Good Thing for Business.

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Tweet ( Competition in business can be a scary thing. And I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t be worried about competition. The point of this article isn’t to say that worrying about competition is wrong because competition is good. The fact is that it’s that worry that can actually be the good thing about competition. If... [Read more...]

How Drones Are Being Used To Save Lives Across Africa.

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Tweet ( You may have heard about drones for many reasons. It’s hard to describe a drone perfectly, but the small, flying vehicles are used for a number of reasons. You may have heard about delivery drones, or the scarier stories of military drones. However, it seems some organizations have found a way to use drones for the noblest... [Read more...]

What Is This ‘Debugging Mode’ You’ve Heard About?

Tweet ( With the rise of new technologies, consumers have become more aware of computer engineering terms. One of those terms that is all too familiar to industry experts is something called ‘debugging’. If you’ve played around on your Android phone in the past, you might have stumbled upon this setting and wondered what it meant.... [Read more...]

Barrington Irving – Role Model and Inspiration.

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Tweet (  Rodney Hurst 8/26/2013 “If you don’t teach them, they will never know if you don’t show them they will never learn.” #BarringtonIrving #SimoneBiles #GabbyDouglas #MichelleCarter there are many others for teachers to use as role models and mentors that have overcome struggles and challenges. Literacy, STEM, and the Flying... [Read more...]

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