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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fact Vs. Fiction: Clearing the Air on Vaping.

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Tweet ( There’s no hotter underground trend in smoking right now than vaping. There are over 2.5 million e-cig vapers in the U.S. along, with 2.7 percent of the population claiming they’ve tried e-cigs at least once. The trend in this industry continues its upward trajectory. At the same time, there’s an opposing force out there... [Read more...]

Preventing Crime In The Black Community.

Tweet ( Speaking at the PCBC conference in Tampa, Florida over 1200 middle and high schools students attended from the Urban Leagues throughout the state of Florida, attending the 30th Annual Conference of this educational and motivational conference. Attended by law enforcement personnel from across the state as well, provided students... [Read more...]

8 Creative Companies Changing the World.

Tweet ( If you’re interested in getting your Executive MBA Degree, you’re likely working to become a leader within your company. How do you hone your leadership style, and ensure that your company is staying one step ahead of the competition? In the infographic below, learn about the creative companies who paved the way for future... [Read more...]

Is the tide changing for payday lenders?

Tweet ( In recent years payday lenders have had a great time of it charging whatever they want and pretty much on what terms they want. Now that the FCA have introduced tough new regulations what does this mean for the industry? Many payday lenders operating in the UK have long been offering a substandard service. They were able to charge... [Read more...]

Simple Tips to Save Money on Last Minute Business Class Flights.

Tweet ( Every traveller knows that the easiest way to save money on business class flights is to book tickets well in advance. This approach is undoubtedly effective and has helped thousands of people fly business class and pay less, but there are situations when you need to take off as soon as possible. This is when you should think... [Read more...]

The Moulin Rouge Casino and Its Impact On Las Vegas.

Tweet ( Even though the doors were only open for about a year in 1955, the Moulin Rouge Casino is possibly one of the most important casinos in history. The casino is the only entertainment facility included in the National Register of Historic Places and has graced the cover of Life magazine. The Moulin Rouge also has been included... [Read more...]

5 New Technologies to Look Forward To.

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Tweet ( Technologies are rapidly evolving and growing in today’s fast-paced world. As these technologies appear, they are quickly replaced by even larger dreams and greater attempts to do the impossible. While it was once believed that man was not meant to fly, it is now thought anything we put our collective mind, time, and money... [Read more...]

Well-Written Research Papers that meets your expectation at

Tweet ( We welcome you at our reputed custom essay writing services, that has been created to serve you in the best possible way and helps you to get the highest grades and be best in your class. To write an essay, custom papers are the most tiring and time consuming task, students usually get tired of this as this requires a lot research,... [Read more...]

5 Ways to Getting Your Company to Make the Most of Sales.

Tweet ( Getting a sale is the primary goal of most companies. However, once you get a sale, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make the most of it. A sale doesn’t have to just be a swap between money and a product or service. You can get a lot of other benefits from a sale if you are doing things right.... [Read more...], The Black Communities Newest Lifeline For Growth.

April 29, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( The newly launched, Support Black Owned, business directory is offering Black business owners and Black communities an online platform to connect and rebuild neighborhoods. This is offered through the website’s free features and increased popularity and growth. Its sole purpose is to create an awareness of Black owned businesses... [Read more...]

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