Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Don’t Stay Silent: Ways To Get The Word Out.

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Tweet ( One of the biggest issues facing black men is their disengagement from the political system. This is not surprising, as it’s an issue that’s facing people from all demographics and backgrounds, but it hits the legions of disenfranchised black men (and women, to a lesser extent) particularly hard. This is the way that the... [Read more...]

How Technology Is Changing Business.

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Tweet ( There hasn’t been a single time in history when trade and commerce hasn’t been affected by the evolution of technology. Today, technology is being developed faster than ever, and business owners at all levels have been feeling it. Social media, increasing mobile and software capabilities, and more cutting-edge tech like... [Read more...]

How The Internet Has Turned Us Back Into Nomads.

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Tweet ( It’s a trend that’s been going on for a number of years now. People are becoming more nomadic than ever before, moving on from place to place much more easily. The world is shrinking as people look abroad for new opportunities. The internet has obviously been a major force in this global change. Moving to another country... [Read more...]

Save money with these travel tips.

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Tweet ( Transport costs always seem to be increasing, whether it is the cost of fuel for your car, or the cost of a train ticket for your daily commute to work. The prices seem to be forever on the rise. If you are tired of paying expensive travel costs, then here are a few solutions for you to look into: Change car – Some cars are... [Read more...]

Turning Your Garage Into A Chillout Pad.

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Tweet ( There comes a point in every child’s life at which they need a personal zone to simply unwind and have a moment’s peace. Actually, that might apply to the parent in this scenario too. Perhaps this area could be a combination “chillout” zone. Whatever the case, a room dedicated to fun is the dream of children and adults... [Read more...]

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, The Russia/Russian Saga Continues.

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Tweet (  In an effort to obfuscate Hillary Clinton’s disappointing loss to Donald Trump the Democratic Party and the corporate media are attempting to lay the blame for the shocking smack down of their candidate on Russian president Vladimir Putin.  But the fact of the matter is the Democrats and media have presented no solid... [Read more...]

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Listen Up.

Tweet ( Lots of people want to be entrepreneurs: around two-thirds of people, in fact. But only a very small chunk of those people, around 3 percent, ever bite the bullet and do it. The reasons for this are many. The first is that there’s a big difference between what people want to happen in their lives and what they actually do... [Read more...]

What Really Matters: The Essential Startup Shopping List.

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Tweet ( Setting up a small business is thrilling at times, terrifying at others. One thing that can be said for certain however, is that it takes a lot of consideration. Most people who start their own business are taken aback before too long by the sheer scope of it. There is so much to take on board, and it is quite likely that something... [Read more...]

From a Fun Hobby to a Rewarding Career: Reasons the Future is Bright for Young Drone Hobbyists.

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Tweet ( What if we told you that you could transform your avocation into a part- or full-time occupation? If your favorite hobby is piloting personal drone aircraft, the future is bright as can be. Now is the time to start aiming your ambitions toward building a brilliant career with remote-controlled drones and quadcopters. Who is... [Read more...]

Social Media is NOT a Movement.

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Tweet ( Before you get alarmed know I don’t have beef with social media. It can serve the purpose of dispersing information to the masses, and bringing people together. However, we also know it can disperse drama, confusion and if one is not wise it can land them in jail. The idea is simple…movement requires us to move. It requires... [Read more...]

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