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The Narrative That Says Being Healthy Isn’t Fun Is A Lie.

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Tweet ( Narratives, narratives, narratives: they’re everywhere. Politics, advertising, universities – you name it, there’s a narrative. But one of the most dangerous narratives out there right now is the one that relates to health. We’re told over and over again that being healthy is hard work and something that is only... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Cabinet picks thus far.

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Tweet ( Have you heard of the acronym H.I.R.E? I’m sure most of you haven’t unless you’ve heard me on radio or read old columns of mine. H.I.R.E is an acronym I created to describe four political topics that could potentially pose an existential threat to America from within. H.I.R.E stands for health care, immigration, regulation... [Read more...]

Tips for keeping your children fit and active.

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Tweet ( As a parent, you know part of your job description is preparing your kids for life. You may be passing on wisdom about work ethic when helping your daughter with her science homework. Your knowledge of teamwork gets communicated when you cook dinner with your son. Watching a movie with the whole family demonstrates the importance... [Read more...]

The Affordable Care Act: Fix Instead of Repealing It.

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Tweet ( Any new program will have problems and unexpected issues until they are sorted out. So it is with the Affordable Care Act. Notice the Republicans, offered no real solutions to help the uninsured or medically ill but they were quick to tear down the efforts of others. Where was the Republican plan? Why wasn’t it in the... [Read more...]

Understanding Cancer: Mesothelioma.

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Tweet ( What Is Mesothelioma? In short, this is a cancer of the mesothelium. The mesothelium is a thin membrane that actually covers most of the organs in our body. The surface lining has different names as it covers different organs. It is called the peritoneum in the abdomen and the pleura in the chest. The two main types of mesothelioma... [Read more...]

Affordable Healthcare Is a Right, Not Just a Privilege.

Tweet ( On March 23, 2010, The Affordable Healtcare Act transfigured healthcare. Six months later, concerns over the program’s cost was a catalyst that helped Republicans win control of the House of Representatives during the mid-term elections. Now, one might ask, why did healthcare need to be reformed? Escalating costs threatened... [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton, The Real October Surprise.

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Tweet ( “The Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that the cost for a health-insurance plan obtained through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare, would increase by 25% on average for the 2017 coverage year.” The... [Read more...]

Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Any Better for your Teeth than Cigarette Smoking?

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Tweet ( There has been a lot of debate over whether smoking e-cigs is better for your health than smoking tobacco. While the vapor you inhale from smoking electronic cigarettes does not contain all the harmful chemicals contained in tobacco, it still contains nicotine an nicotine can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Teeth Staining One... [Read more...]

Dealing with Debilitating Work Related Stress.

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Tweet ( It is becoming increasingly more common to see lawsuits brought against employers and their workers compensation insurance companies for what is being described as ‘debilitating work related stress.’ While many people believe it is because of federal laws opening doors for such suits, a 1985 post in the Harvard Business... [Read more...]

The Harmful Effects Of Marijuana On Black Men In America.

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Tweet ( I used to believe for many years that all marijuana used to be harmless, but when I did research on marijuana including synthetic weed (aka spice), I finally realized that marijuana isn’t as harmless as I initially thought it was. Intro: Here are the actual negative side effects that marijuana including synthetic weed... [Read more...]

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