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Home Renovation Ideas To Get Ready For Winter.

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( A changing of the seasons is always a great time to look at our lives and our home and consider making improvements. 

2020 has been a difficult year and one that has tested every one of us in different ways, and we have had to stay at home for most of the year. 

If you are sick and tired of the same four walls every day, fall is a great time to make some real changes and improve the home as a whole. 

Today we are going to go through just some of the home improvements you can try your hand at this season to prepare the home for winter. 

Invest in a new boiler 

The boiler is a feature of the home that is always there, but often forgotten about. It provides a hot water supply to your home as well as allowing you to heat the house when it is cold outside. If you have had your boiler ever since you can remember; it is important to consider investing in a new one. The last thing you want to happen is for the boiler to stop working on a cold night! 

Refresh the gloss paint 

Gloss paint is used all over the house to add a shine to skirting boards, door frames and often the bannister of the stairs. If you are looking for a simple DIY to complete this weekend; refreshing the gloss work around the house can be a brilliant idea. It may be best to grab a tin of the quick dry paint, because otherwise gloss paint can take up to a day! 

Install a new fireplace 

As the nights draw in and we all feel the need for cosiness in the evenings, a fireplace can be the main focal point of the living room. If you have a fire already that is old and dull, it is time to refresh and revamp for something new. If you don’t have one at all, you can install a simple electric fireplace that will bring heat and light to the living room all winter long without using gas. 

Create a cosy garden room 

Although the summer is a time for being in the garden, fall and winter can also be a great chance to get outside and sit by a fire. Because it’s chilly in the garden right now; a great idea is to create a garden room with a roof, wooden beams, and some home comforts. Have some plants on display, comfy chairs, a wine rack, and an outdoor heater using a free estimate from an outdoor electrician. On cold evenings there is nothing better than wrapping up in warm blankets and sitting in the fresh air as the sun goes down. 

Revamp the kitchen worktops 

The kitchen really is the most important part of the house as we approach winter. During the winter, you’ll have plenty of reasons to be in the kitchen making amazing party food, sweet treats, and of course Christmas dinner. If you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen during winter, why not invest in something new to vamp it up? Kitchen worktops don’t cost as much as you think, and you’ll be able to replace this key part of your kitchen and instantly change the atmosphere and tone of the room without breaking the bank. It can be amazing to change just this one thing in the kitchen, and it will make a big difference to the room. 

Get a new bed 

Our bed is the place we go at the end of the day to recharge and relax. It is important during our lives that we invest in comfortable and supportive mattresses and a bed that is sturdy and strong. If you have had the same old bed for a long time now, now is the time for change. Divan beds are modern and contemporary and come with under bed storage for your bedding and other accessories. Switching your old frame for a divan base can make all the difference to your room and because there are no edges poking out you’ll never risk bumping your leg in the night! 

Replace the bathroom floor 

Our bathroom is a room that is often used more for function than enjoyment. However, a bathroom can become a comfortable and relaxing paradise if we give it enough of a chance to shine. Try replacing your old bathroom floor this fall with a stunning black marble tile or lino, and make the most of this deep, comforting tone. It will not only make your bathroom feel brand new, but it will also feel much more luxurious as a whole! 

Creating a bathroom sanctuary 

Once you have a new floor to enjoy in your bathroom this year, why not make some small changes to the room as a whole to create that spa-like feel? An orchid on the window sill, some candles around the room, fluffy towels on the radiator and a wine holder can make all the difference to your bathroom experience. Enjoy a bath while enjoying the warm light and heat from your candles, glass of wine in hand, while you watch your favourite show on Netflix

Buy a new carpet 

Winter is all about warmth and cosiness, and one of the features that will make the house cosier is your carpets. A lot of us have the same old drab carpets that have been spilled on, dragged, and generally ripped apart over the years of our lives. But now that the weather is changing and cold winds are coming it is a great time to invest in a new carpet for your living space. Consider a fluffy carpet that will feel amazing between your toes, but be aware that different carpets are made for different levels of traffic. Take a look online and find your new comfy carpet this month. 

Paint the walls 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up the whole house in a matter of hours is to paint the walls. Being at home for months on end can make your once stunning home look boring and dull, so take a few hours this weekend to simply repaint the walls and bring new colour and life to your living space. Warm hues such as red, plum, orange and forest green can be a perfect addition to your house this winter. 

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Add some artwork 

Artwork is a great way to quickly spruce up any room of your house. Art comes in many different styles and varieties, and it can instantly lift your home and make it look and feel much more classy and put together. If you have any blank walls that need a bit of something to bring them to life this winter, a well place painting can make all the difference. 

Go crazy with cushions 

Cushions and blankets can quickly become your best friends in the winter. Not only adding a touch of colour and fun to your furniture, they also provide something to cuddle up to in the evenings during those chilly nights. By bringing boldly coloured cushions and blankets into a neutral room, you can truly set the tone for a festive space to enjoy with your loved ones. 

Concrete the driveway 

Before the weather becomes too unpredictable in the winter, why not prepare your driveway and resurface it for next year? Over time your driveway will come under a lot of strain, and sometimes weeds can find their way through the cracks and can be difficult to get rid of. By concreting the driveway this winter, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth path to your home and you’ll also have the added benefit of killing all of those annoying weeds. 

Prune your shrubs 

Fall is the perfect time to tackle your big shrubs and cut them down in preparation for their next growth in spring. It is important to prune your plants at least 2 weeks before the first frost to give them time to heal and protect themselves, which is why now is the time to get this job done. When pruning shrubs, always cut just above a leaf bud, allowing for fresh growth to continue once you are done. 

Clear the gutters 

Over the summer and fall, leaves and other bits of debris will make their way onto your roof and will become caught in the guttering. It is important now and again to ensure that you can clear out the gutters and keep them looking clean as well as clearing a path for water to escape. You can find out how to clean your gutters online and it will make a big difference to your house as there will be no risk of water getting into your foundations. 

There are a lot of amazing ways you can vamp up your home this winter, and all of these things will make an impact and bring cosiness and peace to your life. Spend some time this weekend planning some of the projects you could do this winter and try them out today! 

Staff Writer; Terry Adams

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