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Willie Lynch 2020: The “Me Too” Movement.

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( Willie Lynch poison has taken root and is moving forward to 2021. if you do not know who Willie Lynch is, then you certainly will not be able to recognize the poison of his work as it grows in our cities and communities around this country. This has slipped in on so many men that apparently 20/20 has not given many of you clear vision.

This time the Willie Lynch poison doctrine is manifesting in the women’s “Me-Too” movement. And even though that movement has been hijacked by women of the Caucasian Community, it would be smart to realize it was started by an African American woman.

It is a movement that pushes men to the back, women upfront into strategic seats of power and then has those women do the bidding of the racists who really pull the strings. It is so gradual and so subtle that many of you have not even noticed it. So today the Willie Lynch poison comes in the form of African American women who are police chiefs, city council presidents, sheriffs, county commissioners, mayors, district attorneys etc, all with the intent to degrade African American men, replace these men and eventually diminish their power to zero. If you don’t believe me, look at the results of what has happened in the cases I just mentioned. Men in subservience, all under the camouflaged agenda that women wanted “equality”.



But notice that the white racist does not allow those women to advance to governors of states. That would give them too much power to impact the very white racists who are putting them in place. So let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with a strong, intelligent, focused and qualified sister being in a leadership role or position. But the big questions are:

(1) who put her there,

(2) who controls her once she gets there and (3) what does her role do to the African American family and community? Ask yourself that when you see so many of these Oprah-type women saying they don’t need a man or they are too busy with their careers to even have family. That is because their positions and the Caucasian powers that control them are taking the place of the man and the family. And yes look at Oprah, no husband, no children and no idea who God is if He walked up and bit her in the butt. Why is this a role model?

Let me say clearly and emphatic, I believe that men and women are equal but roles are defined by someone much greater than either man or woman. I believe that men and women are both capable. I believe there should be a balance of power. I believe there are women who are sometimes more qualified than the men who seek a position and therefore they should have the job. But none of that has anything to do with what is happening now as the Willie Lynch poison oozes through our cities. If you don’t believe my viewpoint on the equality of women, my wife would verify what I just told you. My wife is a strong woman who speaks her mind and I count on that and respect it, yet I am still the head of my household and she is by my side. The only time she is behind me is when she is watching my back, just as I do hers. Furthermore, I can tell you a dozen strong, educated and professional women who will agree with the statements I have just made about what is happening. So I am not a sexist.

The honest women in positions of power will verify much of what I just told you, if you can get them to admit it without them knowing you are analyzing what it means. But many of them don’t even know why someone has put them there. Yet if you take a closer look, you will find out the people and power behind them is often not the African American women themselves who hold those positions. It is the Caucasian powers that be, usually Caucasian males just as in the days of slavery, just as Willie Lynche taught. And those powers and principalities have little or no respect for the African American man. They want him enslaved and powerless the same way the serpent went to Eve. And the same old game is still working today. That is the hidden truth exposed.


So don’t be fooled. The “Me-Too” movement is not about equality, it’s about take over. It’s not about fairness, it’s about women being put in positions of power so African American men in particular and men in general can be pushed backwards. Here is a simple test. If you want to see if something is true, look at the results that have come about because of it. And while there are many good women out there who want to and deserve to be treated equal, the feminist are embedded with them like weeds in a rose garden.

So I say to your brothers, while they gain power, you are steadily, quietly a systematically losing yours. Including challenges to the man as the god-given head of the household. Now think back and apply the Willie Lynche doctrine. This was part of his plan and instructions to the slave owners. To keep the men who were physically strong in a position of being mentally weak. And to keep the women mentally strong so they could control the African American men. That is a fact and that is what is happening in plain sight, disguised as other movements, right in front of your eyes.


Now that the woman of today can kill an innocent unborn child as easily as getting her hair done, she rejects the idea of staying at home, being a mom and being a companion to the man who is the head of the household. That is what the “Me-Too” movement is all about. It just sounds better when they say they are fighting for equality. But it is neither about equal rights nor equality in any other area.  Again if you still do not believe me, go to the African American women you know who are part of the “Me-Too” movement and ask them about their opinions on women in power, the man as the head of the household, career vs. family and what they now call “reproductive rights”. Then listen to their answers. But don’t buy the BS that they “can’t find a good man” because who said they get to exclusively define what a “good man” is? And if you think they only want rights over their own bodies, then you fail to realize the unborn child has his own body.

Thus the woman gains rights over his body, her body and your wallet, if she decides to keep the baby. and what can you do about it? But before you feel sorry for them and get drawn in by their excuses of playing the victims, realize that many of these women are not victim and they never have been. But they have made the movement all about being the poor little victims abused by whom? Mainly the big bad monster black man. So the African American man becomes demonized, unnecessary, powerless, emasculated, spiritually, sociologically and economically castrated. Don’t fall for the “I’m a victim” female camouflage programmed into them by the white racist standing behind them who has the real agenda. If you do, you will wake up one day and you will have neither power nor authority over anything. They talk about taking their power back. Brothers take yours.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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