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Ideas to Supercharge Your Romance in Marriage.

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( Has your relationship lost its spark? Are you just dragging your marriage every day and feeling like you have fallen out of love with your spouse? Is your relationship suffering from boredom and stagnation?

When two people are in love, they do everything they can to sustain that spark in their relationship. While women want their husbands to initiate romance, men often get tired of taking that initiative every time. Sometimes, they want their spouse to heat things a little bit for them and make them feel special just like they do.

If you are stuck in such a dilemma, here are some ideas that you can adopt if you want to rekindle that same passion and romance that was there before.

“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”- Oscar Wilde

Emotional intimacy is the key

For entrusting romance in your relationship, emotional connection is a must. If you want to improve your physical relationship with your spouse, you need to first work on your emotional level and focus on meeting your partner’s needs and demands. You both need to start listening and understanding more to what your partner is telling you. Communicate lovingly and respectfully.

To rekindle that romance, you need to turn towards each other and practice emotional intimacy that will help you stay connected to each other even when you disagree. Show empathy, talk about your feelings and needs, instead of what you do not need.

Reignite sexual chemistry

During the early stage of marriage, couples are busy with each other due to their excitement and passion of falling in love. But, unfortunately, this state does not last forever. Studies show that ‘oxytocin’ – a binding hormone – is released during the initial stage when two people are infatuated towards each other that makes them feel ecstatic and turned on by physical gestures. This hormone works like a drug, giving us momentary pleasure that attracts us to our lover.

For those of you who want to get that fire back, relationship experts suggest that you should set a goal of doubling the length of time for kissing, hugging if you want to improve your marriage.

Over time, the sexual attraction becomes hard to maintain. To reignite your sexual chemistry you need to:

Change your method of initiating sex

Stop the ‘blame game’. Maybe you are coming too strong or your spouse is denying you. Avoid criticizing others. Spice things up a bit. For instance, find ways to tell your partner that he/she “is sexy” subtly and indistinctly while avoiding the desperation for closeness.

Hold hands 

This seems to be a very small and cliche task, but experts suggest that holding hands, touching, hugging, can release oxytocin that can send a calming sensation in the body. This hormone is also released during sexual orgasms. Stress hormones are also reduced when showing physical affection.

Let the tension build

When the wait is longer, our brains experience more pleasure. So take your time during foreplay, share your wild fantasies, change positions and locations and make the sex more erotic.

Affectionate touch does the trick

Giving a back or shoulder rub to your partner may generate passion and sometimes proves to be an effective way to supercharge your romance. Usually, people connect foreplay with sexual intercourse, but that’s not always the case. Affectionate touch is a powerful way to display and rekindle the lost passion.

Practice emotional vulnerability during sex

Being emotionally vulnerable on a physical level makes the sex more happening and romantic. Do not shy away from sharing your innermost feelings, wishes and desires with your spouse. If you are a little fearful of becoming vulnerable, take individual or couple’s therapy.

Make sex a priority

Before you become unromantic and boring, set the mood for intimacy with a light meal along with your favorite music and wine, setting up the stage for a romantic time. Doctors suggest that couples who know each other intimately and know about the likes and dislikes of their partners – their quirks, interests, and dreams are more likely to supercharge the romance, physical affection and emotional connection to knitting a meaningful bond with each other.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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