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7 Ideas for Making Your Wedding Awesome.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Even with wedding planners, making your wedding stand out can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to do and there’s so much to think about. There are tons of creative ideas available and here we have created a list of 7 such ideas you can use to make your wedding day awesome.

  1. Ring warming ceremony

Sometimes, weddings can be boring to attend for guests, especially when they are not involved in any activity and just sit around and see what’s happening. Ring warming can be a fun and memorable icebreaker activity. Let someone from your family make an announcement that everyone attending the wedding will hold the couple’s rings in hands and bless them with the warmth of love and warm thoughts.

  1. Capture that ‘special moment’

Not everybody comes to you every day and treats you like king and queen. Your wedding day is when you can actually feel special as there are people to make that happen. When everyone is busy talking to each other, just take your spouse to someplace from where you can see all those people who are present on your wedding day. Don’t forget to click pictures. Those are the moments when you will feel and realize how a bunch of people are present to celebrate the day with you.

  1. Do it yourself

It’s interesting that unique wedding ideas are now becoming the norm and more people are planning to do something different than what their parents or grandparents did. Since no one is always full of unique ideas, especially when it’s about your own wedding, the best thing one can do is using DIY skills. More and more people are using Pinterest and other social media channels for such creative inspirations, sometimes it becomes awkward to see the same ideas being used by many people. So to avoid that happening at your wedding, do something yourself.

  1. Questionnaire for the couple

Prepare a questionnaire for each other and see how each of you answer the questions. You can add more fun to this activity by asking someone to interview both of you separately. You can hand over the list of questions to each other and let someone ask you those questions and record your answers. If you can take the help of a professional, you can merge the video clips of those fun interviews and can play and watch them together along with the guests.

  1. Get a photo booth

There are many reasons to use a photo booth at weddings. It keeps people busy and entertained and at the same time, it’s one of the best ways to get more photos. You can also put a photo book so that people can put their pictures in it and after the wedding, you can peacefully enjoy seeing those pictures. You need to make sure that the photo booth doesn’t affect your other plans for the wedding because people standing in a queue near the photo booth could possibly miss other events.

  1. A memorable ending

Nobody wants the wedding day to end, but since you can’t stop it, there are ways you can make it memorable. From setting up fireworks to sending out wedding gifts, there are many ways to plan a grand exit. All you need to do is to do something that fits your style. If your budget allows, try inviting some musicians or if you don’t like that idea, just make arrangements for the ‘last dance’. The ending is as important as the ceremony and if it is not good, it will spoil many things and you will probably not look at the good things at all.

  1. Food truck

A food truck arriving late night can be a great way to add more fun to your wedding. Many guests often don’t eat properly at dinner and often focus more on drinks. The arrival of a food truck late at night can be a good treat for most of your guests. It’s a good way to enjoy moments after the busy day. If food trucks are not what you prefer, you can choose any local delicacy and can invite someone who can prepare the same for your guests or can deliver directly at the venue.

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  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Focus on the marriage more than the wedding

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