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Do’s and Don’ts When Owning a Menstrual Cup.

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( Menstrual cups have been around for decades, but it is only this today’s time that it has reached its fame and become a well-loved menstrual hygiene product.

Due to the evolving trends not only in fashion but in women’s needs and preferences, the menstrual cup has taken the women’s market by storm. And with this, you might be one of those women who have favored the product much, or you could be plain curious in treading the waters.

With this said, you might want to know and consider what are the dos and don’ts when it comes to owning a menstrual cup. So, want to join the discussion? Then go ahead and read on!

About Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are seen and described as a “funnel-like” period product due to its bell-shaped figure with a stem. This product is made out of medical-grade silicone or rubber latex, which is hypoallergenic and approved both by the FDA and the companies that provide feminine hygiene products to women.

Unlike most of the menstrual hygiene products, the menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene item. It can hold more blood than other methods such as tampons and sanitary pads. The capability to hold more blood in is probably the primary reason as to why many women favor menstrual cups over different products that are in the market.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, are the following additional benefits that one can acquire by using a menstrual cup:

  • Budget-friendly. A menstrual cup can be used for up to 10 years maximum, unlike tampons and pads. This one-time price can save you money since you don’t have to change your cups every month.
  • It is Safer. Menstrual cups are claimed as safer than any other menstrual hygiene products. It is claimed that you are not at risk of getting the bacterial infection called the TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome when you use a menstrual cup.
  • It is Eco-friendly. Unlike tampons and pads, menstrual cups are deemed as eco-friendly due to its reusable characteristic.
  • Productivity. Since menstrual cups hold more blood, you don’t have to go in and out of the comfort room the whole day for the rest of your period week.

What are the DO’S?

The following discussion is about the things that you need to do for your menstrual cup to maximize its lifespan and be of use to you. It will also help you in having a healthy body and menstruation.

DO Measure Your Cervix Height. It is one of the most overlooked factors when buying a menstrual cup. The cervix’s height significantly affects one’s experience with the cup since it will determine its effectivity and use towards the owner. You wouldn’t want to wear a shoe that doesn’t fit you, right?

DO Clean Your Cup. Menstrual cups like the Daisy cup should be cleaned before and after use. It is to ensure that the product that you are using will not be the reason as to why you will suffer diseases or infections later on, such as Toxic Shock Syndrome.

With this said, you need to clean your cup correctly. Not only that, it needs to be cleaned before and after use, but it also needs to be tended to while you are using it. It is highly recommended that you at least wash your cup twice a day during the cycle.

DO Properly Store It. Storing your menstrual cup significantly affects the lifespan of your cup. If you know how to clean and store your cup correctly, then it will not deteriorate sooner than its expected expiration. Even if menstrual cups last longer, always store it properly to avoid anything that would affect its quality.

You should store your menstrual cup with a breathable pouch and avoid storing it in a tightly sealed container. Avoid placing your cups in direct exposure to sunlight. You don’t need to fret over this. Most companies offer their cups together with a resealable bag. To know more, you can visit sites like

What are the DON’TS?

The following are the things that you should be wary of if you are using a menstrual cup. Why? It is to ensure your safety while using the cup. It will also help your cup to live to its expected lifespan.

DON’T Blindly Choose a Cup. One of the biggest mistakes of a beginner is blindly choosing a cup. It means to say that one did not consider the factors that might affect the experience of using a cup. For instance, if you did not measure your cervix height, then probably you chose the wrong size and would feel uncomfortable or painful later on.

DON’T Use “Just Any” Cleaning Products. It entirely depends on the brand of your menstrual cup. Generally speaking, each brand has its own cleaning procedures and items. Follow the guidelines on your menstrual cup on how to clean yours thoroughly.

The following products that cannot be used in cleaning a cup are scented antibacterial soaps, vinegar, oil-based soaps, tea tree oil, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, pre-moistened wipes, hydrogen peroxide, and other harsh chemicals.

DON’T Neglect Your Menstrual Cup. Since a menstrual cup is also a part of your responsibility as a woman, then you need to practice cleaning your cup without a miss. With this, you will be able to ensure that you will not harbor any bacterial infection nor make a mistake and lose your cup for a short period.

Staff Writer; Shawna Brown

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