"Black" Coon and Guard Dog Cops. .

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

“Black” Coon and Guard Dog Cops. .

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I hope African-American officers read every single line of this article. I carried a badge for many years, trained alot of officers, hired, fired and everything in between. I saw the good, the bad and the people who should never, ever carry a badge. Let me preface this article by saying ignorance, ego, poor training and racism are not completely based on any color, race nor ethnic group. I also have to say that there are many good law enforcement officers who risk their lives for the community, make our cities much safer places and follow the law. But then there are the others – and “the others” are many more than you would like to think or recognize. They are the bad cops.

The only thing I can think of that is worse than a “white” racist cop in the African-American community is a “black” coon or guard dog cop who puts on a badge, a gun and a uniform, forgets his or her own people and treats us worse than a racist “white” cop would. That makes me sick and it should make you sick too. I don’t care if the cops I speak of are family, friends or co-workers, you do not turn on your own. When you do, the “white” racist officer laughs at your ignorance and your lack of loyalty. He does not respect you, even though he acts as if he does. And he knows that if you will turn against your own, you actually cannot be trusted. So to all “black” cops, if you hate and/or mistreat your own people, you do not need to carry a badge – ever.

Those who are “black” coon and guard dog cops have often forgotten who they are – if they ever knew. They will shoot you faster, taser you quicker and mistreat you more often than a racist “white” cop. Oh yes they will. And in the process, they do so with no apparent conscience. They are brainwashed to be the “white” man’s guard dogs, just as some were back in the days of the plantations.

You may notice that I do not refer to the Cointel Pro type cops herein as “Uncle Toms”. Why not? Because the African American perception of Uncle Tom is not only all wrong, it was also implanted by white racists in the first place. Uncle Tom, a fictional character in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852, was a devout Christian man who escaped from slavery through the underground railroad.

Yes Uncle Tom was a fictional character based on the life a real person named Josiah Henson. And Josiah was beaten severely by slave owners for refusing to tell where two African-American slaves had escaped to. He was a hero. But because the racists hated him for his loyalty to his own people, they turned him into a symbol of betrayal and cowardice. And a bunch of you who never read the book ignorantly jumped right on the bandwagon. Josiah Henson was no coward and he did not betray his people as some of you would easily do today if faced with the end of a whip – and you know it. I suggest you read Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

There is another element to this topic. The “white” community, like the homosexual community, does not tolerate being mistreated by its own. They will do much more than protest. They will file complaints and lawsuits, call their city and state representatives, even go to the media. And you as a rogue “white” cop will lose your job – or worse. This brings up a good point. Bad cops do what they are allowed to do and get away with until they are legally stopped. And though no color of cop is perfect, we have far too many bad coon and egotistical cops in our communities of color.

It is prudent that you learn how to spot a “back” coon or guard dog cop as quickly as possible. It is also necessary that you alert your children and even let them read this article. These are the cold hard facts, like them or not. And the more prepared African-Americans are for the cops we run into, the more likely we are to survive. In case you are wondering, yes I have written even more about “white” racist cops and what citizens can do legally to combat the problem. So pull out your phone, record, expose, contact media and social media, file complaints and lawsuits. Don’t be attacked by a coon. Wake up my people.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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