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What Natural Skincare Ingredients Are the Most Effective?

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( Many skincare products are full of synthetic ingredients which are hard to pronounce, let alone understand. Yet, people use those products, day after day, without even questioning what they’re putting on their face.

Recently, however, there are more and more people who are turning to a natural skincare brands. There are many reasons why one would choose natural over synthetic, the most common ones being beauty detox and trying out something that’s different.

There is a wide range of ingredients found in skincare products, and here are some that shouldn’t be overlooked while shopping for new cosmetics:

1. Coconut (Cocos Nucifera)

This is the most common and widely-used ingredient of them all. Coconut oil has a lot of attributes, it’s antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. People with sensitive and dry skin are recommended to use coconut oil. As for face care, there are certain benefits to using it, but it must be pointed out that coconut oil is comedogenic which might lead to clogged pores and blackheads.

2. Glycerin

Found in natural fats, glycerin is mostly found in face creams, cleansers and hair products. It’s non-toxic and works on different skin types. Because it’s a humectant, it actually retains moisture, which results in soft skin. It is safe to use, but too much of it can cause dryness.

3. Sea salt/Himalayan salt (Sodium Chloride)

Found in mostly body/face scrubs, salts contain a variety of minerals and nutrients like magnesium, zinc and selenium, just to name a few. It’s used to remove dead skin, but if left on the skin for too long, it can lead to irritations.

4. Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is found in human skin and is the main reason why the skin looks fresh and youthful.  So it’s no wonder that hyaluronic acid is found in anti-aging products like eye creams and anti-wrinkle face serums.

Fun fact: Hyaluronic acid is used in administering lip fillers.

5. Jojoba oil

This one is used as face and hair moisturizer and it’s good for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also works great as lip balm and promotes hair growth. But the best way to see the benefits of it is to use it as a makeup remover. Jojoba facial cleanser is super effective and, more importantly, non-aggressive. After rinsing it, the skin will be soft and clean.

6. Cetearyl alcohol

No need to be fooled with ‘alcohol’ in the name. Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol, which is different from the standard alcohol denat found in low-quality products. Its main use is to keep oils and liquids together to make the product thicker or enhance foaming properties. It is usually found in moisturizers, shaving creams, shampoos, hair dyes and mascaras.

7. Green tea

As some may know, green tea isn’t only used for drinking, but also in cosmetics, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Besides, it also has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, so it’s often used to relieve sunburns.

8. Salicylic acid

This soluble oil comes from willow tree bark, and due to its cleansing attributes, it’s most often found in facial gels and other face cleansers. Salicylic acid can blend with skin’s natural oils and can effectively remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and reduce acne. It’s also a common ingredient in anti-acne face creams.

9. Aloe vera

One of the best-known succulents in the world is also full of vitamins B1, B2, A, E and C, as well as amino acids, which means it’s a staple ingredient in many cosmetic products. Due to its moisturizing properties, it’s often found in hair products such as deep conditioners and curl defining creams.

10. Beeswax (Cera Alba)

Beeswax is a natural wax made by Apis honey bees. It contains compounds of fatty acids and fatty alcohols. It provides a barrier and therefore acts as a moisturizer. Aside from skincare products, it can be found in lip balms, body butters and makeup. Beeswax is also anti-allergenic, anti-viral, non-comedogenic and overall good when it comes to dealing with skin imperfections.

There are many other natural ingredients found in skincare products. Most of them are effective if used properly. It’s important to know one’s skin type and experiment with various products. Each person’s skin has its unique characteristics and needs, so trying out different products and ingredients is the best way to find the perfect skincare and beauty routine.

Staff Writer; Craig Dole

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