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DON “The Con Man” TRUMP.

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( A man runs for President of the United States and wins by being deceptive, insulting and lying his way to the top of the pile of gullible voters who believe whatever he says. Even the candidate running against him (Hillary) who clearly recognizes game ignores and does not use the facts against this con man. Why not? Any 12 year old with a computer could have compiled the facts, lies, cons and failures of Donald Trump in less than a week. Yet the worst never comes out loudly and . gets elected. Why?

I have studied mind control, brainwashing, hypnosis and even indoctrination. Even NLP. But since I studied about Hitler in college (a little tyrant dictator runt who took over a country of Germans when he was not even one of them), I have not seen such manipulation of the masses on such a large scale in my life time. And the irony is that Trump is smart enough to con so many on a repeat basis. White supremacy? That’s a joke with two words that don’t go together.

Trump never stopped running for President, even once he won (with Russia’s help). Maybe that is because down deep he knows he did not win honestly and on his own. Just as he did not build successful businesses on his own – actually not even with help either. His first two years as President were spent trying to undo the accomplishments of a real president (Obama). And while Obama could care less about this little boy and his envy, Trump can’t help but mention, blame, slam or compare himself to Obama in some way again and again and again.

Trump zombies are so freakin mindless and gullible. To you Trump supporters, Don the Con does not care about you any more than he does Melania. He thinks gullibility is weakness. He would not even want you at any of his golf clubs. And most of you Trump zombies could not afford a night there anyway. Trump has repeatedly proven he would throw you zombies under the bus just like he does all the people he fired and all the people who went to jail.

Trump’s son, son-in-law and campaign manager have a meeting in Trump Tower with an admitted Russian spy, Trump says he didn’t know about it and Trump loving zombies say “no collusion” just like he tells you to. Trump says he forces himself on women and grabs “them by the pussy”, a ton of women agree that he forced himself on them, Trump says he was just kidding when he said he does that and Trump zombies believe him. Even many female zombies support him.

Trump ignores the Constitution, does what he wants, tells everybody under his administration not to cooperate with Congress, hides the content of meetings with Putin even from his own staff, bows down to and practically sucks Putin’s ****, insults American judges, intelligence agencies, women, gold star families, military vets and porn stars he slept with using no protection. Yet Trump zombies still support and believe whatever he says. So what does Trump do? Lie about everything then call the truth “fake news”. Don, Don the super con. Wow.

Trump tells thousands upon thousands of lies and his zombies still believe him. Didn’t he say he would release his tax returns? Didn’t he say Mexico would pay for the wall? Didn’t he say he did not pay off Stormy Daniels and didn’t know about it? And the list goes on you zombies.


Trump is about money – not you, not Republicans and not America. And he is not even good with money. No person in America worth billions has come forth to say he or she believes Trump is worth billions. In fact some laugh at him, others are silent and most of them know Trump is a con man. Russia’s boy wants to be a dictator.

Trump bankrupts business after business, does not pay the contractors, does not pay his fair share in taxes then walks away and throws everybody under the bus. Trump Charity – fake and gone. Trump University – scam and gone. Trump airlines – gone. Trump steaks – gone. Trump casino – going and gone. Trump supporter brains – gone!

Trump is not protecting you from “the evil Hispanics and Muslims”. What happened to the giant monster caravan invasion Donald? He is just scaring many Americans to distract you while he uses America as his piggy bank. He is just playing both sides against the middle, Democrat and Republican, while he fills his pockets. And Trump knows his supporters are so clueless that they don’t even mind if he puts kids in cages.

All those in government who are supporting Trump have their hands in the cookie jar too. They neither like nor trust him but they just want what’s in the jar. Trump tricked America and while the Republicans thought they could control him, they are finding out they were wrong. Only now are they finding out that his plan was never to stick to their plan but rather his own. Only now are they finding out that the play book Trump is using comes from Putin, not from self-seeking Republicans with hidden agendas.

Eating burgers, staying up all night while sending dozens of tweets, worrying about what people think all the time and in a different bedroom from the wife who despises you, who does not even want to hold your hand half the time? Wow, all I can say is wow. And I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Don the con. Or maybe he should be Don the Convict instead of Don the Con man. This has to be the most bizarre Little boy-in-Chief  I can imagine and then some.

HOW DUMB ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS to ignore the facts and do what Trump says with cult-like precision and loyalty. He tells them not to believe what they see or hear and they ignore reality. In Trump world they drink the Kool-Aid, help him make more, stir whatever he puts in it then drink it all over again as they gaze upon him with their bright eyes that cannot see. But what amazes me is this. Even with all of Donald Trump’s schemes, scams and cons, He is still an insecure little boy loser who is amazingly obvious. Shocking.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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