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Monday, October 21, 2019

10 Steps to Plan Your Dream Wedding.

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(ThyBlackMan.comA good proverb says: the wedding takes place once in a lifetime, so it must be perfect. The wisdom of generations says: the wedding takes place once in a lifetime, so it must be perfect. To bring it to life, it is desirable first to clarify the question of how to plan a dream wedding. An unforgettable celebration can be made from many small details. It’s essential to be aware of all the moments in order to create a real wedding fairy tale. Of course, it is worth a lot of work, to put the soul into the preparation, as well as imagination, nerves, time and effort. But trust us, it is definitely worth it. Let’s go through the step-by-step guide that will help you to structurize everything in your head, so you will not forget even about the smallest details.

Formulate a “To do list.”

To begin with, learn more about the wedding process. Conduct your own, marketing investigation from the online resources and experience of your friends and relatives. Surely there will be those couples who have already implemented your ideas. Read their stories in online blogs, find out what difficulties the newlyweds usually face, how they plan their celebration. Get more information about the most common problems they face and how they solve. It is highly recommended to nearly half a year before the appointed date of marriage, sit together with your beloved person and start to write a script named “How to organize a perfect wedding.”

Half a year before the wedding

Successful events are outlined properly in advance.  And this is also concerned about the wedding. Why it is better to start planning a celebration so early? Everything is simple. In order to avoid difficulties you can face because of lack of the time,  in case you decide to prepare for the wedding one month or less before the event. Moreover, six months will go fast. Therefore, it is impossible to delay with drafting up a list of primary matters.

  •   Decide on the date of the grand event. If you want to go to church ritual, clarify about the day’s when the newlyweds can be crowned.
  •   If you are planning to go for the honeymoon trip the day after the wedding, check the availability of the flight, tickets for this date. Just recommendation: the trip and the tickets will cost you cheaper if you book them beforehand.
  •   Research the companies that are specialized in the provision of wedding services in your city and compare the prices. So that, you will not waste your precious time just before the wedding.
  •   Plan the financial side of the event, expenses, and incomes in advance. Calculate the approximate costs. Talk with your family members and clarify, maybe they will provide some financial support.
  •   Create a list of the guest you want to invite for your significant event.
  •   By knowing the number of people, you can calculate the estimated expenses for the dinner and drinks.

When just 3 months left

One of the most responsible things to do is to apply for the registration of your marriage. Three months before the wedding ceremony, go to the registry office and ask for the official record of marriage. Do not forget to celebrate with your soulmate this vital step in life with a glass of champagne and maybe in the company of your parents. Plan your follow-up actions to avoid any force majeure circumstances. To forget nothing, keep recording the script of your coming wedding. Accordingly, three months before the elected date you should:

  •   choose a temple for the wedding, if you decided so and talk with the priest about details of the church ceremony;
  •   organize the search for a wedding dress and make a list of the wedding salons of the city you want to visit. In case you have not found the desired dress – do not worry. You still have time for the individual order tailoring the dress of your dream;
  •   choose and buy the engagement rings. Pay a lot of attention for that point, as you are going to wear them all your life. So, make sure they are perfect for both of you;
  •   finalize and approve the list of the suggested guests. Once you do that, send the invitation cards;
  •   now you know the number of guests, so why not to start choosing the banquet hall for the vent. Compare the price and read the reviews about the restaurants.

Two months before the wedding

When there are two months left, the bride and groom’s troubles increase. Planning a wedding ceremony requires the following actions:

  •   to find and agree all the details with a professional photographer who will make wedding photos and videos at the highest level;
  •   select a toastmaster who will maintain the wedding, write the fun scenario and will make exciting amendments to entertain the guests;
  •   choosing and learning the first dance of the newlyweds, the selection of the song and the music band or artist that will play during the banquet;
  •   order the wedding cake type and decorations;
  •   decide on your hair and makeup and sign up for the specialist beforehand.

Just one month

When one month is left before the wedding, the banquet hall and menu should already be approved, along with the interior and decorations. It’s necessary to recheck all the points that have been previously passed and create new ones:

  •   discuss with the photographer the route of the walk after marriage registration;
  •   order a wedding bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere;
  •   contact all guests and confirm their presence in the wedding ceremony;
  •   go through the whole scenario of the future holiday;
  •   buy all the missing accessories for the bridal outfit;
  •   invite friends to a bachelorette party/bachelor party;
  •   think over the activities on the second day of the wedding, if it is planned.

Planning is always not the easiest process, especially when it is about the most important event in your couple life. GSDiamonds recommends before the actual date of the wedding – don’t panic. We are sure, that you have prepared fine and all the points from your check-list are appropriately covered. Therefore, just go through everything, try your dress, check the engagement rings, approve the menu and have fun on the bride/bachelor party. Stay positive and get ready for the most significant and beautiful experience of your time.

Staff Writer; Brad Parker

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