Coming Back To The Land - Things You'll Learn.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Coming Back To The Land – Things You’ll Learn.

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(ThyBlackMan.comIt’s often easy to forget that modern inner-city jobs have only been around for an extremely small percentage of human history. It’s not how we’re wired, and it’s not how we completely thrive, although it is convenient, hygienic, and more productive than ever. Still, our bodies are wired to be shepherds of the land, to care for animals and to live from the fruits of our work. Some people find this to be idealized, some people dream of it in their sleep. Others might not consider them outfitted for this kind of work, but are still somewhat mystified by the call of the wild.

Coming back to the land, even on a small farm or something similar, can be an exciting prospect. You might be viewing tractors for sale, or are planning the outskirts of your fences after your purchase that job lot of land. For anyone hoping to develop this new life for themselves, let us explore considerations that could help anyone coming back to the land understand their new point of references, and the lessons they might learn:

The Land Is Dynamic

It’s easy to look at a landscape and think there’s nothing more static and unchanging than that. But that’s not true to those educated in the ways of the land. They understand that it’s dynamic, it often changes, and grows continually. The passing of the seasons, the exposure and interaction with animals, and of course the shape of the plant life. This means that presence is a large consideration for any farmer or any keeper of animals, as they must keep a close eye on the land. This can help us gain more of a respect for our surroundings, and although obvious, help them seem more alive. There’s no better way to respect the creative power of nature.

Ingenuity > Expense

It’s often the case that finding intelligent methods of working the land or repairing that we own can save on expense. You cannot buy yourself into good wisdom and utility. This means keeping a close eye on tractors for sale, learning how to repair fences and gates, and performing basic vetenarian tasks on our farm animals can truly help us in the long run. Sometimes furrowing vegetables in the right way, ensuring security through careful watch and being present with that we learn can help us become better and more intelligent people. Sometimes book smarts aren’t all there is to living a great life.

It’s The Simple Pleasures

There’s a simple pleasure in basic physical work, and planning out your own sustenance as well as turning a profit if possible. This can be much more gratifying although seemingly more basic than manipulating stocks, or sitting in an office for hours a day marketing a product or a range of other considerations. It might sound like a boring lifestyle, but because we’re naturally wired for it, we can often feel as though we need less. This mindset can help anyone, even the most materialistic inner-city liver.

With these tips, you’re sure to learn plenty if you do decide to come back to the land.

Staff Writer; Brad Jacobs


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