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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

English Essay Writing That Deserves A+.

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(ThyBlackMan.comEnglish essay writing competence implies a fairly high level of the language knowledge and the ability to express own thoughts about some issues in a clear, concise and informative way. Only a few students know how to complete this task successfully? But others need special essay writing tips to cope with this kind of assignment. At the same time, many students consider that the best way is simply to buy the already-made paper for money at a cheap price. However, there are those who think that they can manage this written task by themselves and, as a result, struggling with it overnight.

In fact, there is a dilemma in front of every college student – write an essay, research paper or dissertation paper with own efforts or let a professional do an English assignment in a blink of an eye? For example, ordering essays from such an English essay writing service as TakeAwayEssay.com, you can be sure that you get examples of essay writing on a particular topic you ask to explore. It ensures that getting A+ becomes easier for you. Read this article to learn some useful tips on how to write a paper by yourself or when it is worth to order a paper from the custom writing service.

5 ‘First Aid’ Essay Writing Tips

What should do those who want to master this type of task on their own? It is impossible to do it without special essay writing tips and guidelines while working on any paper. All of them can be used either during school, college, university times or while applying for a dream job as the ability to communicate effectively in a written form is highly appreciated by supervisors, employers, and coworkers. An essay writing format requires good writing skills and helpful materials that will assist you to end the constant ‘Who can write my essay for me?’ battle.


  • Use a professional and structured approach to essay writing. It is better to develop it immediately while doing in-depth research on an essay topic. After you are given an essay topic, you research extensively the available information on the topic, outline the main points, introduce the topic and conclude the topic. Make sure that all the reliable sources of information are found. What are the best samples of credible information sources? Different government, educational websites (containing .gov or .edu in URL), journal articles, reports or credible news sources. Need to evaluate the credibility of a specific source? Do it with the help of a CRAAP test. Moreover, every piece of information should be well-structured according to an essay outline – an introduction, body, and conclusion. So plan your paper in advance.
  • Answer the main essay question directly. Many students make a common error – they speak about a topic broadly evading the direct answer to the main question. Let’s consider an entrance essay that is written as a part of college admission. Even if there is no question “Why are you going to our college?”, you need to come up with the answer to this question. And any other type of essays has the same aims and objectives that you can observe in any sample.
  • Be unique and creative in your essay writing. Choose interesting and unexpected examples from your personal life. For instance, when you are asked, “Who influenced your life most?”, don’t be predictable by saying that your parents affect your personality. There are many other people who have an impact on you as a personality – friends, professors, top leaders, and so on. Avoid some cliches in academic writing.
  • Follow an appropriate essay writing structure. You need to start writing an essay with the main topic sentences that reflect the general idea. It is formulated as a thesis statement of your essay. Additionally, look at the obvious correlation between the main essay parts – the introduction (20%), the main part (70%) and the conclusion (10%).
  • Always double check, edit and correct what is written. Keep in mind that even having strong writing skills do not mean that there is no need in proofreading. You should be sure in the logical flow of expressing the main ideas and details to them. Besides, you can make some spelling mistakes accidentally, especially when you need to write an essay at the last minute.   

Indeed, there are many writing techniques that can be used during the essay writing process. And you will surely develop the most effective ones for yourself with the lapse of time. Only imagine how many essays on various topics are written during a term. You have enough opportunities to practice in successful essay writing. Practice makes perfect! Writing a good essay is extremely appreciated not only by professors at school, college or university but also by most employers – 73% of employers want candidates with strong writing skill. Therefore, be ready to write an essay before the job interview.

‘Second Aid’ for the Urgent Essay Writing

Today, a few students write essays, term papers, or dissertations on their own. In the modern rhythm of life, everyone is very busy and has a lack of time. Students are no exception. It is necessary to have time to go to college, to work (and many students actively combine both), and there must be some time for the personal life (relationships, leisure or hobby time). This is the main case when most students ask for the outside help from real professionals in the form of a well-written sample. These are the main reasons why students order the papers on the website that can help to write their own essay:

  • A good paper is needed with high uniqueness and creativity;
  • The load of homework to be done in other subjects;
  • The topic of the paper is difficult to dwell on;
  • The submission date is close;
  • The important writing task is given with a tough deadline, for example, 12 hours.

All students know how difficult it is to be writers of good essays, term papers, and dissertations. Much time, nerves and patience are needed to be spent to gather the necessary information, conduct a deep analysis, systematize, proofread, edit and submit the assignment in time. It is difficult to write an A+ essay without relevant experience and helpful writing tips. Following this guide, you will quickly learn how to write an excellent paper, and writing an essay will never be a difficult task for you anymore.

Staff Writer; Terry Brown

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