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The Democratic Party Is Not For You.

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( I hope many of you disagree with this article because it will cause you think outside of the box. To question elements, agendas and the history of the Democratic party. To re-examine morality. To go back and fact-check history. In order to disagree with me on a factual basis, you will have to know the truth and that means a clearing away of the clouds of denial. That also means you will have to take a hard, honest look at why you do what you do and why you support what or who you do. Thus if you disagree with me, that’ just fine. But know that others will agree with this article. So have the respect, the wisdom, fairness and maturity not to slam those who disagree with you based on substance, facts, evidence and the raw painful truth.


I am not a Democrat. I was for a long time until I woke up, did the research, came face to face with both history and the Democratic party real agenda then I realized the truth. I am a social and fiscal conservative, just like most mature, moral and spiritual  African Americans over 50. I believe in what our culture has proven as productive, what the New Testament principles have proven over centuries in  practice and what has worked for my African ancestors for a long time.

I believe in morality and clear distinctions between men and women, right and wrong, the sanctity of life, personal accountability and facts vs. opinions. I am not willing to throw all of that away and exchange those values, morals and principles for the platform that the Democratic party supports and appears to push. Nor am I willing to turn right and wrong into shades of grey where people just do whatever they please. Nor am I willing to ignore history.

The Democratic party did not make a shift to help African Americans. It put on a new, more clever, more covert and more hi-tech disguise because it knew most African Americans would not trust the Republican party. And the Democratic party put on this trick or treat disguise filled with “goodies” for “black” people in order to buy your vote. The trick worked successfully for the most part and many African-Americans stayed loyal to the party of their ancestor’s slave owners.

INTERESTING FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW                                                                                                                                  

The Republicans Passed The Following: The 13th Amendment – Against Slavery The 14th Amendment – Giving Citizenship To Former Slaves The 15th Amendment – Giving Former Slaves The Right to Vote

It was the Democratic party that had the slaves, pushed slavery, lynching, racism and the like. It was the Democratic party that started the KKK. It was a mostly “white” Republican (Abraham Lincoln) who freed the slaves and initiated the civil war to make it happen – and yes I know about the real motives. I also know about the Reagan Democrats and how many who would have been Democrats are now Republicans. Yet none of that changes the truth of history. And the snake Lyndon Johnson was reported to have said he would keep “blacks” voting democrat for hundreds of years.


Here is a piece of true trivia you may have never considered. It is no coincidence that Lincoln’s face  was put on the most minor currency we have in America – the penny. The brown money closest to the color of African Americans. We are obviously brown, not “black”, but the treachery behind calling us something we are not is a whole other story for another time.

Furthermore, of all the male politicians placed on coins in America, Lincoln faces the opposite way – a message from this country that he was going in the wrong direction. A message that has remained since the penny was coined with his face. You see America never ended slavery and the plantation. It simply changed the form of both.

It has been the Democratic party that only APPEARED to help African Americans by pushing for  entitlement hand outs like welfare, WIC, Snap and Section 8. All the while they know these programs would create a dependency they could use to control what food you buy, what you give your children, where you live and how much money you made.

When more money came in to the household or the African American man entered the household, the African American woman was penalized by loosing benefits fast. Don’t be fooled because the loss of benefits was sometimes much greater than the money she gained with the man in the household. Thus what looked like a gain was the proverbial pulled out of the rug from under the household. Both psychologically and sociologically the Democratic party knew what would happen once a dependency on a government who could care less about you was established. The control of your economic status.



In the 1828 Presidential election Jackson won a huge victory and he, along with his followers, began calling themselves the Democratic Party. In 1830 under the banner of the Democratic Party, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law and had 5 tribes in the south removed from their land – the Choctaw, the Chickasaw, the Creek, the Cherokee and the Seminoles. They were rounded up by force and marched into territories and camps in the west. Thus their land was stolen by Jackson and the Democratic Party. Then Jackson adopted the Manifest Destiny which declared that “WHITE men were “divinely entitled to dominate the entire North American continent”.


Then Democratic President Pole continued the theft and imperialistic expansion regarding Oregon, Texas and the war with Mexico to take land on the west coast. Once Lincoln came in, the Democratic party promised to restrict government intervention for “black” people. Yes the Democratic party. Did you know the democrats of the south initially voted AGAINST the civil rights act?

But what about President Obama? President Obama was put in place to quiet us down and head any brewing racial storms off at the pass. Yes he did good things and I have 8 pages of his accomplishments. But I also have 6 pages of things he did that were not good, votes he made as a Senator and Executive Orders he signed. You see, African Americans were so busy celebrating as if we had arrived that very few failed to look at the whole picture – the big picture. I can give you a dozen reasons I voted for Obama but the first one was not because he was a man of color. What about you?

The agendas of the Republican and Democratic parties including simulating a fight between the two that will draw you in, force you to take one side or the other and keep you distracted from their real agendas which are today very similar, though they would deny this to be true. Just remember that conflict is a magic trick of distraction and misdirection which allows the crooks to slip out the door and do things unnoticed, thus neither being caught nor held accountable.


We need to understand that presidents are selected and groomed before they are ever presented to the people as a candidate and elected. Voting is redistricted, suppressed, tampered with and manipulated. . That did not just start when Trump got in office. I could tell you more and show you proof but that is another article I may write later.

Today the Democratic party is the most immoral party of the two. Basically the party promotes do whatever you want, no matter how it hurts your race, ethnic group, morality, spirituality or culture. Under a banner than would make our grandparents and ancestors turn over in their graves, the Democratic party is the party of LGBTQ perversion, abomination and confusion. It is the party of blaming the government for what people should be doing for themselves. It is the party of handouts instead of helping hand partnerships.

The Democratic party is the party of abortion, even though the number one killer of African Americans more than AIDS, Cancer, black on black crime, police brutality and war combined is ABORTION. Don’t get me wrong, the Republican party is not perfect either and has its own hidden agenda. But this article is more about what party has covertly captured the African  American community.

Moreover, too many “black” people, civil rights organizations and the Democratic party still continue to treat African Americans as victims who need extra and special help instead of treating us as equals who are just as capable as any other ethnic group. Yes racism and institutional racism are real and yes police brutality is rampant. But there are not as many strikes against African Americans as many of our own  people and the Democrats would have you believe. A great many of them which do exist can be overcome through education, entrepreneurship, gaining political office, self worth, identity, personal responsibility, higher standards and expectations and the rejection of the blame game and excuses. Have we arrived? No. but we are more capable and it is more up to us than they would have you think. Your success is not up to the government. Keep the 40 acres and a mule, I want Apple.

The Democratic party knows they will get the “black” and minority vote thus they also know our people have no leverage. They need these votes to even have a chance at running the government. They also know too many African Americans do not know the truth of history and both political parties. So they can keep promoting their party as the party that helps minorities – all the while advancing their covert agenda just like the Republicans. Both of whom have their agendas set by powers and dark forces greater and more powerful than either party. But the Democratic party is willing to buy your vote as they continue to feed the victim ideology and reap the benefits of your ignorance.

M.L. King Jr. was a Republican. So were Frederick Douglass and Jesse Owens.

Here is a list of African American Republicans.

I should point out that I am NOT endorsing the Republican party either. In my opinion, both parties have hidden agendas controlled by lobbyists sent by big corporations and the 13 families. So I am saying vote for the most qualified person who represents your interests and values as well as what is morally and spiritually right. If you cannot find an exact match, find a candidate who is as close as possible, or at least closer than the candidate he or she is running against. Yet I submit to you, as you choose, remember that slavery never ended. It just became hi-tech and more covert. That can be proven.

People open your eyes and dust off your minds. Stop believing and accepting just because words came out of a politician’s mouth with a smile. Go back and check the history, do the research. The better overstanding of the truth and history of the past that African Americans have, the more we can prepare ourselves to change the outcome of the future. But the days of gullibility and blind acceptance in politics, just as in our churches, must come to an end. Wake up.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw



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  1. I was browsing through the internet and was disappointed with our so-called Democrat officials. I heard over 40 years ago that the Democrats still wanted to promulgate slavery. But I also learned that they were Dixiecrats in disguise. So I wonder what’s going to happen in the future. I learned as early today that a freshly Democrat is planning to switch parties. I guess the title of your information is correct. As a news watcher, certain medias tells the the truth about issues such as what we’ll talking about. It is horrible.

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