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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

You Are Not An Animal: Black Men Reclaim Your Dignity.

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( A bizarre and controversial commentary that makes you say, “Is that possible?” It begins with a shocking premise and ends in an unusual twist you have to read to believe. 

Ever since the vile stench of racism, rolled off the tongue of an irrelevant white male hundreds of years ago, much attention has been focused on Black men and their inevitable demise. But despite the controversy, men of color continue to make contributions in a country where they are berated, degraded, murdered and made to feel less than human. Of the techniques used to dehumanize Black men, none is more demeaning than referring to them as animals; specifically, monkeys, baboons, and gorillas. Therefore, in what I hope will be an eye-opener, readers are invited to take a ride aboard ‘The Black Male You Are Not An Animal Tour’ coming to a city near you. So, loosen up, uncork the champagne and picture this scenario:

A huge public housing project with 26 buildings, 4210 apartments and 12,000 tenants, stands amid a horde of decay, flanked by sewage and overgrown hedges. Entering the high-rise pigsty, you’re overwhelmed by the smell of urine and desperation stemming from the stairwells.

Turning a corner, you walk gingerly amid broken glass and used condoms littering the corridors. Nauseated and disgusted more surprises are in store. As you head for the exit, you pass an abandoned building and watch as a middle-age man jabs a needle into his arm.  Hoping to avoid eye contact, you notice the abrasions covering his face, as he curls up in a ball, shaking, and unaware of his surroundings.

Wondering if this nightmare will ever end, you encounter two men, drinking from a bottle that resembles a machine gun. Laughing, and gesturing wildly at some imaginary person only they can see, their antics, add a surreal touch to the chaos.

Welcome to the year 2289. Points of interests like the ones above are observed in the congested buildings of Chicago, the multi-complexes of Los Angeles and the dilapidated projects of New York.

It is now 271 years into the future, and Black men have replaced animals in laboratory experiments. With conservatives leading the charge that men of color were moving toward extinction, it finally happened. Now at the mercy of ruthless scientists, many struggle to reclaim their dignity, as they try to piece together how they came to exist in this state of upheaval.

The massive public housing projects, home to thousands of Black men also doubles as a laboratory. Ninety-five years ago, a disproportionate number of men were convinced they were on the verge of extinction. Thus, began their journey of mass destruction.

On September  19, 2089, a group of young Black men visited the Survelea Laboratory in Langford, Ohio. Using a variety of codes, they asked scientists to formulate an experiment using them as guinea pigs, to determine the validity of the extinction theory. A call went out for volunteers, and millions of men permitted themselves to become human fodder. At first, they were treated like any other lab animal, but as the years passed, they were subjected to inhumane cruelty.

Rebelling against their plight, some managed to escape. However, for every Black male that fled, there were thousands more to take their place. Defenseless, his dignity gone, and his pride abandoned; the Black man struggled to free himself from his captors.

Staring through the small cubicle he called home, he wondered how he reached this point-in-time. Maybe it began in December 1989 when the extinction theory was first introduced. Or perhaps it started when Black men began judging themselves by Caucasian standards; and gave in to the misconception they were “sex-crazed, criminally addicted thugs prone to violence.” But it began somewhere—and it resulted in imprisonment, and the discontinuation of the Black male population as we knew it.

Stop! brothers, what I have written up until now, is my Pissed Off Black Woman persona working overtime at maximum speed. Now it’s time to walk the walk and talk the talk. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the world underestimating Black men. Similarly, I’ve grown leery of White folks treating men of color like soiled toilet paper, waiting to be flushed down the drain.

In extolling the value of Black men, they are not asking anyone for anything. All they’re saying is stop labeling, stop criticizing, stop analyzing. They are not objects to be probed, prodded and petted at will. They are in fact human. See them. Touch them. Feel them. Examine their motives. They are men subject to the same mistakes and temptations as the rest of us high polluting hybrids.

So, stop speaking of them as if they were a piece of cheese or a speck of dust. Stop having programs and panel discussions that feature Black men as the main attraction. And stop saying what horrible people they are; because we aren’t buying it.

Black men are not animals, they are men. And at this moment they are reclaiming their human status one step at a time. Hate it, dismiss it, whatever. The Black man‘s motto in the 21st century is Up With Dignity, Down With Dehumanization. Hence, forget that animal mumbo jumbo, because he already has. Peace!

Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

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8 Responses to “You Are Not An Animal: Black Men Reclaim Your Dignity.”
  1. Fuck Bill Cosby, ole’ anti-women, black-people-insulting, druggie whore-fucker!

    Fuck him to hell!

  2. Brother Drovonte' says:

    I’m tired of deflecting Pelvo you know why sexually immorality? Its because of rape and lust. OVER A 1/3RD of Young Black Girls report molestation in our community. That goes for boys as well. Yet you want to deflect and have a pity party based on our people’s past struggles. Thats disgusting and an insult to them. I am tired of this Hotep-Conservative Race-Based Pity Party. The man obviously “liked” women, was a promiscuous whore and had many dealings with white women on top of that.

    MLK may have cheated but was NOT a sexual predator. These reports have been denied by offical sources. Malcom X exposed Elijah, not “our” CIA

    This disbelief is why “Rape” and “Molestation” is under-reported in Black families and why Umar Johnson can con people for 8 years straight, systematically raping peoples pockets.

    I am tired of the Actors, the Hustler-Teps, the “pull your pants up” “activists”. (If you wear your pants down, you’re lost anyways).





  3. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Cosby was railroaded by a judicial system that was perfectly willing to disregard a first hung jury and commit double jeopardy and other crimes by allowing a second trial. I truly hope that Cosby’s attorneys were protecting the record because there is more than grounds for an appeal. What happened to Cosby is so very important to other famous African American men. All of them must work even harder to establish and maintain respectable identities in America. Some people believed that they were, or are all villains, M. L. King, Jr., was accused of being a sexual villain, so was the honorable Elijah Muhammad, Muhammad Ali,Malcolm X,Jack Johnson, Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Marion Barry and many others, and others yet to come. When will the villainization of the African American male end? All a female has to say is that the black male sexually assaulted her, and some men will exhaust their money trying to convict the accused. The darker the accused man’s skin, the faster the conviction. America is a nation where a white woman yelling rape killed hundreds if not thousands of black men who were either lynched, beaten or burned to death by unruly mobs. For some, it is easy to believe that Cosby did it because our society has been conditioned to believe that sex is all a black man wants. The people of Montgomery County, PA ought to insist that the District Attorney stop wasting their tax dollars trying to convict an innocent man ! A mis-trial in and of itself isn’t grounds for a retrial. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania shouldn’t pay one single tax dollar in support of the prosecutor’s bruised ego, or for him to make good on a campaign promise that he shouldn’t have made in the first place. The people have spoken, and the prosecutor should move on. If ethics is a main concern, consider this, the white man, Ole ” grab em by tha p ” himself, sits in the White House as president of the United States of America no less as a shining example of contemporary American white man ethics. We know this because he was voted into office by a majority white electoral college while a few months later the politicians in Montgomery County waste citizen’s hard earned tax dollars trying to convict an innocent black comedian, and actor. The villainization of the African American male hasn’t ceased in America from the time of chattel slavery until now. To many, Cosby is guilty by American political default because he is the descendant of black fugitives from justice, and inextricably linked to African American history. He is guilty because his ancestors escaped chattel slavery, sued for their freedom, was freed by Abraham Lincoln, mightily fought Jim Crow, got Civil Rights, didn’t have to sit in the back of the bus, walking around in three piece suits and it isn’t Sunday, wouldn’t get off of the sidewalk when the white man wanted him to do it, eats in the restaurant with white folks, goes to the movies and sits with white folks, sits in the university classroom with white folks, want to earn the same amounts of money as white folks, didn’t punk out when white folks hung John Brown, and Nat Turner, didn’t punk out when white folks made prisons part of the African American male and female rites of passage, didn’t punk out when white men shot the Kennedy Brothers, and M.L. King, Jr. Didn’t punk out when white men and women continue to hang cases on nearly all of our African American heroes, and now the white man and woman are the champions of American womanhood. Cosby is innocent, and he shouldn’t be villainized, and robbed of his well-deserved dignity, money, and freedom.

  4. NeoKillMonger says:

    Brother Pelvo sounds brainwashed to me…

  5. TylerTheStudent says:

    So many of us are scared to come out due to fear of being called an “agent”.

    I hate to say but THANKFULLY Cosby decided to rape white women, he loves ’em no different then Tiger the Whore Woods. Anywayz.

    Elijah Muhameed–> Pedophile
    Royall Jenkins–> Underage Labor Trafficker
    Yaweh Ben yaweh–> Isrealite Killer, literally
    Dwight York—> Rapist who attacks children
    Peter Lucas Moses—> Isrealite Killed a 4 yr old allegedly who was “gay”
    Cherry Paden—>Isrealite woman who engaged in marrying a child off with husband
    Antonio Lamar Banks—> Gang member who molested children for rights of initiation

    I got Youtube Videos Full of “em

  6. TylerTheStudent says:

    Pelvo White….

    Bill Cosby WAS actually LIKED by white america for “harsh treatment” against us. Remember? He bashed us, talked about our grandmothers and everything.

    Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women and practiced extra marital affairs WHERE IS HIS WIFE?!

    We need REAL black leaders, not FarraCon, not Umar the HustlerTep, and not Bill Cosby the fake M.D.

    So tired of fake leaders being promoted on this site.

  7. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Do not trust American white, racist psychiatry or psychology. Many nations on this planet do not trust them and neither should African Americans. The racist, white American is not the African American’s salvation. I do not believe that Bill Cosby is a violent sex offender, neither was the native American a savage,nor the African suitable to be a slave. These are some of the conclusions that have been agreed upon through white American psychiatry and psychology. I find it thoroughly interesting that so-called psychiatrist and psychologist in America can find a psychiatric label to hang on every thought that a black man, woman or child has but many cannot seem to label their own racist obsessions with race and sex. These so-called experts have gone so far as to claim that Freudian Greek myths and other ancient Nordic myths born out of generations of white supremacy stand as scientific truth. The science involved in psychiatry and psychology is vague at best and is basically limited to finding drugs that will act to debilitate certain parts of the brain and this they sometimes pass off as a cure. Once you bestow a Philosophy Doctorate Degree on many of these so-called doctors many of whom had ancestors that probably raped black women,men and babies say just about anything as a diagnosis and as a prognosis, and some people fall for this white skinned witch doctory.

  8. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Today, the great African American civil rights leader Bill Cosby,because of white America’s obsession with race, sex,and desire to disgrace and shame one of our greatest civil rights champions,was adjudged guilty and taken away to prison. Every African American man and woman should take due notice and realize that this was not justice, but yet another racist attack upon the dignity of the African American male. These actions taken upon Cosby puts in place yet another piece of the overall puzzle which will, if not fought against mightily by American citizens, will project a picture of the African American male horrifying many Americans thereby giving false,manufactured grounds to justify continued attacks and violence focused on African American men. This is a sad day in America.The world should struggle with the African American male to help make sure make sure that white Americans do not do the ugly, violent things to the African American that it intends to do under this Trump presidential political regime.

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