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Republicans Diamond And Silk – Idiots In Black.

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( We were all raised to be conservatives.  When we were children we were raised to believe that all good children are respectful of adult authority figures. That’s why when we were in grade school, no matter how mean and nasty a teacher was, we were respectful, and we always had that one suck-up kid in class willing to go over the top and stay after class to clean the blackboard.  You know, the “teacher’s pet.” Today, that kid is sitting around watching Fox News.

When we were kids being conservativeserved a useful purpose, it kept us safe as mindless children.  But most of us eventually grew up and began to think for ourselves. We began to see ourselves as responsible adults in our own right.  We had learned to think for ourselves, so we didn’t need anyone else to guide our thinking.  Those were the people who grew-up to become liberals and progressives. The other people, who never managed to grow up, and never developed the confidence to become independent thinkers became conservatives, and for the rest of their lives they remain content to rely on what they consider “authority figures” – preachers, politicians, Fox News personalities, and the like – to control their minds, and to do their thinking for them. For that reason conservatives come in at least one of three varieties – greedy, bigoted, or mindless – and in many cases they’re a bundle of all three. And that’s exactly what we have here in Diamond and Silk, mindless children desperately seeking ‘daddy’s ‘ approval.
I’ve written extensively about how conservatives tend to be mindless followers, and you can see a perfect example of that in the NFL controversy. The American flag is a symbol of American values, and the freedom of expression is the very FIRST Amendment of the United States Constitution. And as a former United States Marine I can tell you for a fact that the Marines who died for this country didn’t die for either a piece of cloth, a song, or the opinion of a cowardly draft dodger like Donald Trump. They died for what that beautiful  piece of cloth represents – the right for Colin Kaepernick to do exactly what he’s doing. Without that right both the American flag, and the National Anthem, would be totally meaningless.
But Donald Trump has convinced his mindless conservative minions that it’s wrong and unpatriotic to exercise the rights guaranteed under the Constitution – it’s fine to brag about them, but it’s grossly disrespectful to actually act upon them – and his mindless minions obediently follow his lead.  But the fact is, those who follow Draft-Dodging Donnie and who are jumping up and down about patriotism and how the flag is being disrespected, these are the people who are actually disrespecting our flag and the troops, not Colin Kaepernick.
These people are trivializing the very values for which our Troops gave their lives. They’re allowing a dummy like Trump to manipulate them into promoting bigotry and stupidity in an attempt to tear this nation apart, and thereby, escape the consequences of his own criminality.  So to allow themselves to be complicit in that effort is what’s actually un-American, and it takes a complete idiot not to see that.  And that’s exactly the kind of mindless stupidity that Diamond and Silk are engaged in.
Being ignorant is a horrible state of affairs for anyone, but in the case of these two Black women it’s tragic. Failing to develop into a logical and independent thinker is bad enough for a White person, but if your White, at least you have a White supremacist society to somewhat protect your interest, but if you’re Black and suffer from that intellectual disability, it’s absolutely pathological.  Black people can’t afford to be ignorant, it’s a life threatening condition.

And ignorance and stupidity is exactly the case with Lynnette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway and Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson.  They’re not only placing themselves, but everybody with Black skin in the direct path of an ever lurking danger for Black people, but they’re much too stupid and self-serving to realize that.
These two Black women are desperate to be embraced by the very White people who view them as useful idiots at best, and Aunt Jemima-like clowns at worse.  But they’re willing to accept that, because people like themselves have no self-respect, or respect for their people – in fact, in many cases they’re even racist ‘Bligots’ themselves. Ignorant Black people like these put Black children at risk by helping to validate a philosophy that considers it perfectly routine to shoot Black people down in the street like dogs, and then praise the murderous cop for performing a public service.
But Black people like Diamond and Silk who embrace the conservative philosophy have been taught all their lives that the most conspicuous evidence of “having arrived” – and being one of the “good coons” – is moving as far away from the closest Black person as they can get, and purging all vestiges of Black consciousness from your mind. And it doesn’t matter to them that they’ll never be fully accepted by White folks and always treated like an obedient pet, as long as they can perceive of themselves as being a notch above those “disobedient” Black heathens, that’s good enough them. So they get out on stage and make absolute fools of themselves, and then allow themselves to be trotted out before the world to praise a racist, Nazi-sympathizing, misogynist bigot. So they’ve not only turned on Black people, they’ve also turned on women as well.
But eventually, when they’ve outlived their usefulness and have exhausted the novelty of their 10 seconds of fame, they’re going to be discarded by the White man like a soiled Tampon – just like Allen Keys, Herman Cain, Allen West, and Omarosa Manigault, just to name a few – and when that happens, the Black community should never forgive them.  Omarosa is on a “Please Forgive Me” book tour as we speak, and the Black response should be, “Get the hell outa here, you jive-ass turncoat.”

The Black community cannot continue to allow such turncoats to disrespect our culture and then come running back to us once they’ve been kicked to the curb by the White man.  They’ve already proven that they can’t be trusted –  that’s why the White man execute his turncoats. While I don’t advocate that we go that far, I do strongly suggest that the Black community relegate all such people to the status of pariahs for the rest of their lives – and that should also go for undercover turncoats like Tavis Smiley and Cornel Wests who claim that they just “did it for the cause” –  Well, where the hell are they now!!!?

So the Black community needs to handle it’s business without a scintilla of sympathy for these Bligots. That’ll get the attention of potential turncoats and cause them to think long and hard before they turn on their own people. We’ve got to make the consequences so severe that the money and notoriety that the White man dangles before them as an enticement is just not worth it. We’ve got to make them understand that no matter how much money and notoriety you amass, if you’re universally despised, money and infamy will make for a piss-poor companion. All they have to do is ask Trump – he’d give away every penny he’s got just to be loved, admired, and respected like Barack Obama.

And finally, we shouldn’t wait until the White man kicks a turncoat to the curb.  As soon as they go down that path we should ostracize them.  That way they will be of no value to the White man. We’ve got to make the word “conservative” ring just as abrasively to the ears of Black people as the word “justice” does to the ears of the White establishment.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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7 Responses to “Republicans Diamond And Silk – Idiots In Black.”
  1. Christopher A Harper says:

    Where do these people come from? Every time we take two steps forward there’s always either a sambo or a bed wench to take us ONE THOUSAND MILES BACK!

  2. Eric Wattree says:


    More spam from people who believe in talkin’ snakes and Voodoo. Just think how much better off this world would have been if Pat Robertson and Donald Trump had been aborted. Case closed.

  3. Eric Wattree says:

    You’re right, Pelvo, those ladies do have the right to their opinion, and I have a right to mine – and that opinion is, they are both complete idiots, and I reserve the right to point that out.

  4. Eric Wattree says:


    What the hell are you talking about? You must be a bot or something. You seem to rambling on about a completely unrelated subject.

  5. WarHawk800 says:

    We are not liberals in the traditional since.

    Second of all, be that “good old” uncle tom conservative if you will, Charlottlesville, Virginia shows what they think of you. You seem to value politics more then values with this drivel anyway.

    First of all I as a liberal (many of us as well) DO NOT support Abortion so speak for yourself(or others), killing is wrong period, I don’t need a God to tell me so either. Many Pro-Abortioners have a “change of heart” when they see the practice up front. (Whether they are straight, gay, muslim, christian or atheist). ALSO YOUR OWN PARTY’S RINO LEADERSHIP WILL NOT INVALIDATE OR DO ANYTHING TO STOP ABORTION. YOU ARE HYPOCRITES. I KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN THOSE RED STATES.

    Second of all I don’t understand this “population rant”, but do note that China is roughly the same size of America yet almost has 2 Billion People. You’re FAR BETTER as a disenfranchised black person or forgotten white person in an uneducated red state/trailer park then a forgotten minority/class in China. Please compare the poverty rates of China to America.

    Population Control is strategically important, India now has more people then the entire world did in 1900. I wish more people who interpret the bible when it says “no interest” as we are currently strangling ourselves in this insane financial system. “Go Forth and Multiply” was written at a time when Iran’s 70 million population was practically the world’s population.

  6. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    These women have a right to their opinions, and we should respect their rights and not call them bad names.

  7. Mariane J Nicosia says:

    It’s liberal blogs like these by Thy Black Man that makes me sympathetic to conservatives. You don’t understand the conservative child has a valid role in society and the liberal child isn’t always right! Liberals and progressives today are witches and warlocks that support abortion and same sex marriage. United States today is a Chinese democracy because of liberals and feminists. Today we must realize when Gloria Steinem was seventeen years old, China had no one child policy and United Nations was young in development. Today China is the number one reason to ban abortion worldwide and all seventeen year old kids today must know what is UNFPA United Nations Population Control. Liberals today haven’t acknowledged that history has progressed and time has evolved to these modern times of Communist China and United Nations, also the pro-choice feminist isn’t concerned, disturbed or paranoid that women in China are living in a Brave New World novel written by Aldous Huxley. Women today can reject feminism that has made men worst today than yesterday in the parade of the me too movement.

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