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Friday, April 19, 2019

Corporations Capitalize on Everyone.

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( Nike recently unveiled Colin Kaepernick as the face of the “Just Do It” campaign. While this has some white people extremely angry (that is a discussion for another day), it has some blacks concerned about that this could mean beneath the surface. Granted many applauded Nike for taking the stance the NFL seemed unable to muster. There was a massive response to Nike that has been positive as it seems they are standing with the athletes they support. Kaepernick is just the latest backing we have seen as Nike also came out in support of Serena Williams and choose to make appeal for Muslims when it was not considered popular.

While some are in a rush to buy more Nike products some of us are asking the question why. Why is it that  corporate companies tend to capitalize on your movement, and in turn our suffering? Some of our people feel this is nothing but a major money move, and again our people are exploited.

It is right to have an inherent distrust of corporate America. We must also look at the hand corporate America has played in policies that worked against us. America is a capitalist country and that stands regardless of race or struggle. Every situation is one to be capitalized on, and money being made will always be a motivator. If more of us owned corporations we would also be in the business of making money. Whether to praise Nike, or not, is a personal choice. Nike is a corporation that has a bottom line as does others. However, they are paying expanding the platform of Colin Kaepernick. Their corporate decision is helping to bring like to a issue in this country that is deadly for us.

Furthermore, their stance has exposed so much more of the hatred we face in this country. The outrage to Nike’s decision further re-enforced the hated that made Kaepernick take a knee.  Nike took a calculated risk as they are also under contract with the NFL. They had to know there would be white lash as result of this move. Granted blacks have a very large buying power in this county, but we must remember we are 12% of the population. This means there are white people that are also buying Nike products because they support the stance Nike has taken.

I will not be going to the mall to spend all my funds on Nike. However, I appreciate their stance. Its about time that the companies that continue to make money off of our people stand with us. I can agree it was a calculated money move, but Nike could make the money without making the statement. We must acknowledge that for us to get the rights we deserve in this country corporate entities, and people with financial power, have to stand with us. It is important that we acknowledge how change occurs in this country and begin to use that to our advantage. It will always be about making money what is important is the statement behind the money.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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