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Saturday, April 20, 2019

We Don’t Value Freedom.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Everyday we get up and go about our life. Yes we have challenges and hardship, but there are certain things as Americans we are not trained to care about. We take so much for granted in this country. If you don’t like things happening around you protest. If you don’t feel driven in your career, it might me hard, but switch directions in another path. In many instances if we are hungry go to the store and make groceries according to your preference. Read the books you want to read…when you want to read them. Listen to the music you like…when you feel like listening. Buy clothes that meet your preference.

If the school system is not up to par parents get together and work for change for your children. When we go to sleep at night we know the Unites States has a military that will defend this nation from all enemies foreign or domestic. When we go to sleep at night we take the silence in the air for granted. It never crosses our mind the United States would ever be under attack. We speak of bombs over Bagdad…but never think of bombs over our cities. We never think about our country on fire.

This is important to note because when we take a moment to think on it one can clearly see we don’t value freedom. Granted we know freedom in this country is not perfect…especially from a black perspective. We can go on for days about the injustices we face in this country, but America knows nothing of foreign occupation. Clearly the country was not thinking of these things during the recent presidential election. Too many Americans the Russian issue is nothing more than a joke or “fake news”. The state of the US in the global community is just a scroll pass in the general grand scheme of our social media adventures. Many have no idea how much money the US owed other countries, and while we’re fussing about nonsense we have an administration that could put freedom as we know it at risk.

Look at your bank account, your cash stash, or the pantry in your house and ask yourself could you manage with what you have if America were to be under attack. Can you read a map? Yes, that matters because without power GPS doesn’t work. Do you know CPR or can administer first aid? This may seem trivial, but life tends to favor the prepared.

If we are lucky we will never have to understand the fear that comes with the word war in the way some citizens of the world know such nightmares. However, freedom is not something we should take for granted. Hold your elected officials accountable and get out into your community and work for the freedom you enjoy instead of taking a chance on it disappearing. We must pay attention and wake up to the world around us for the sake, and freedom, of our children.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “We Don’t Value Freedom.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    Read this and open your eyes.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    You, the author, need to realize that freedom in this country is both limited and an illusion at the same time. We do not have real freedom just because we can go anywhere we want (almost) or buy any car we like. There are invisible ceilings all around you so you should define FREEDOM.

    FYI when the Federal Reserve loaned money to this country via the world bankers the collateral was the American citizens. On top of that, slavery collateral was the slaves and their descendants. Further on a practical basis there are federal and state laws, city and county ordinances, home owner association rules over YOUR property and all types of government regulations.

    We are not free. Then there is the issue of mental freedom from slavery. It has many African Americans locked up through Willie Lynch programming and the indoctrination of patriotic propaganda brainwashing. On a deeper level I suggest you do some research about the mind control devices at play in this country and esp the ones the federal government holds the patents to.

    So how can you value freedom when you don’t actually have it?
    WAKE UP!!!

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