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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Top 10 Rules for Being Productive.

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( If you’re like most people, you’re “to-do” list rarely gets checked off.  Whether you’re a procrastinator or just have way too much on your plate – or both – here are some simple ways to be more productive and less stressed:

1.  Stop so you can catch up.

It is nearly impossible to focus on current projects when you’ve got a string of half-finished projects hanging over your head.  If you’re totally overwhelmed, schedule a block of time to catch up.  Don’t put anything new on your to-do list, just tackle the loose ends that are draining your energy.

2.  Hurrying up slows you down.

How many times have you rushed to do something only to miss a minor detail that caused a major problem?  I once went to the wrong airport because in my rush to get out the door, I didn’t check that “minor” detail – I was supposed to be at Washington Reagan Airport.   I didn’t catch my mistake until I was at the kiosk trying to check in at Baltimore-Washington Airport!  Slow down.  In the long run, you’ll save time and energy.

3.  Do the hard stuff first.

It’s human nature to put off the hard stuff until later.  But when it comes to productivity, tackling the tougher project will give you a sense of accomplishment and you’ll waste less time procrastinating.  So take a look at your to-do list today, and get busy with the project you keep pushing further down your list.

4.  Work in “chunks.”

Rather than working in really long stretches of time, break your tasks into smaller pieces and give yourself a break as you make progress.

5.  Shorten your to-do list.

It’s OK to drop some things off of your to-do list altogether.  Ask yourself, “Is this essential?  Is it a priority?”  If not, drop it.  If it is essential, but you are not essential to getting it done, delegate it.

6.  Work less, not more.

The most productive people don’t have to stay at the office until 9 pm every night.  In fact, when you set boundaries around your work hours, you’ll be more conscious of the need to use your time wisely.

7.  Shut out the distractions.

What throws you off track?  Chatty co-workers? That chime that lures you back into your email just as you get focused?  Solitaire?  Whatever it is, find a way to eliminate the distraction during your most focused times.  Mute your computer so you don’t hear the chime.  Uninstall those addictive computer games if you don’t have the willpower to resist them.  Close your office door, if you have one.

8.  Tell someone what you’re going to do.

Accountability is a great motivator.  Tell someone you trust about your goal to be more productive.  Then tell them exactly what you are going to do today.  Check in with them at the end of the day.

9.  Promise little, if anything at all!

Stop making promises about what you are going to deliver.  When you must make a promise, give yourself more time than you think you will need.  Instead of, “I’ll get that to you by Thursday,” say, “I should be able to have that done by Monday morning.”  When you give it to them on Thursday afternoon or even Friday, you’re a star!  But if you promise Thursday, and deliver on Friday, not only might someone else be irritated with you, you will probably be irritated with yourself.

10.  Have something to look forward to.

When you work hard, play hard.  Besides, positive emotion has an added benefit:  it helps you deal with stress and adversity better.  So the more you have on your plate, the more important it is for you …..

Written By Valorie Burton

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