What The "Royal Wedding" Reveals About "Black Love" In America.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

What The “Royal Wedding” Reveals About “Black Love” In America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I guess that if one applies enough pressure, the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be considered a significant occurrence in Black America.

I have watched as many black females of all ages have beamed with pride that Meghan Markle hascaptured the heart of Prince Harry, a happenstance of love. If I did not know any better, I would believe that they were having an out-of-body experience that transported them into the new bride’s position. Unfortunately for black women, Meghan Markle’s marriage will have no impact on their status as what Malcolm X termed “the most disrespected population on planet Earth.” I have been trying to discern what does it say about the present state of black women in regards to black love that so many of their number have placed such emphasis on the “royal wedding”; an even that does not possess the potential to impact their life one iota.

As a black man who holds the vast majority, certainly not all, of black women in the highest regard, the hoopla surrounding the “royal wedding” is troubling to me as it communicates a belief that so many of my “sisters” have essentially given up on forming a “perfect union” with a black man. Making matters worse is the harsh reality that black women are not alone in their pessimistic view of black love. I am confident that you understand my access to the private thoughts that black men share in male-centered spaces.

The alluded to private conversations inform my belief that black men are no more optimistic than their counterparts about finding a black woman and building a union devoid of drama, yet filled with unbridled happiness. Although difficult to state, it stands to reason that past hurts and disappointments have dulled cupid’s arrows to a point that black skin is often rendered impenetrable. Could it be that the adulation so many black women have hurled at Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan Markle’s union is akin to a psychological escape from the barren landscape of black love?

Sitting at the center of any discussion of black love is the shocking reality that all parties involvedhave legitimate gripes. There are most certainly black men whose sole intention has been to “run game” on black women and fleece them for all that they have. Likewise, there are black women who have done the same toward black men. It does not matter to those harmed on the battlefield of black love that the alluded to actions flow from either a depraved socialization or as a reaction to prior victimization. What does matter is that a significant segment of Black America no longer believes in Love; at least not with a black person.

I have taken these harsh realities regarding black love into account as I listen to so many black women instantaneously refashion themselves as hopeless romantics while viewing the “royal wedding”. In many ways, the swooning and fawning that I have witnessed emanates from some of the least likely sources; meaning “sisters” who have harbored contentious feelings regarding black love for decades. Alas, their reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s matrimony reveals an identity that they have hidden for far too long; that being, a desire to be an active participant in this thing called black love.

Although I would love to end this posting with loads of optimism for black men and women in regards to finding black love, I cannot. The truth of the matter is that the terrain is rugged and the path is littered with liars, thieves, and conmen who long ago were optimists filled with good intentions. Anyone who has been unlucky in love will tell you that there is no efficient way to trod this stony road. The difficulty of finding black love is at least partially attributable in one way or another to the historical oppression that has shadowed persons of African descent since the first Africans arrived in Jamestown in 1619.

The discovery of black love is made extremely problematic as it appears that the standard viewpoint of most blacks closely resembles their white counterparts. W.E.B. DuBois offered insightful commentary on this phenomenon in his classic text The Souls of Black Folk. According to DuBois, far too many blacks view fellow blacks through “the eyes of others…measuring one’s sould by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.” Malcolm X touched on this matter in a highly memorable questioning of a black audience regarding “who taught you to hate yourself?” The alluded to indoctrination has led more than a few blacks to integrate negative caricatures used to malign black folk as verifiable facts, not dubious signs of unadulterated racial bigotry.

These matters have quieted my compulsion to denounce the black women championing Meghan Markle. I guess that such adoration is to be expected from disenchanted black females willing to grasp at any straw that provides hope that one of cupid’s arrows will eventually pierce their heart. Unfortunately for black men and black women, the presence of hatred and malice for each other will guarantee that even if Cupid’s arrow strikes them, the romantic feelings it installs will eventually dissipate when they come to understand that everything is more difficult for black folk in America, even love.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

Official website; http://www.ManhoodRaceCulture.com

One may also connect with this brother via TwitterDrJamestJones.


One Response to “What The “Royal Wedding” Reveals About “Black Love” In America.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:


    It amazes me how many of you are still brainwashed to call yourselves BLACK. Black is not an identity and scientifically black is not even a color. It is next to nothing. Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin. The white oppressive slave trader called you black and himself white to set up a contrast and to attach negative images and denotations to you based on a lie about color. Look up BLACK in the dictionary.

    Research even shows that blacks are perceived by other groups as very different from African Americans. But we still keep calling ourselves what someone else defined us as, what we are not and what has a negative dictionary denotation in society. WAKE UP. LOOK AT THE REAL COLOR OF YOUR SKIN. YOU ARE NOT BLACK. You are an African American. The lie of calling us black and defining us by color (the wrong color) has been in place so long that our people accept it as truth – but it’s not. Know your colors.

    Native Americans do not allow others to call them red men. Asians do not accept being called yellow men. Hispanics do not answer to “what’s up brown man”. And Caucasians are not white, notebook paper is white. Wake up and see the plan where white racist supremacists plotted to redefine our people from Africa. STOP CALLING YOURSELF SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT!

    Black is the “color” of your car tires, not your skin author. Being called “black” is a lie and it should be offensive. Haitians, Jamaicans and even Africans do not accept being called “black”, Why do you think that is? They are identified by tribes, klans, geographic areas and their respective countries. By using the very term black to describe us, we are doing the following:
    1. Using a term white oppressors and slave masters gave us.
    2. Letting someone else define us other than our own people.
    3. Calling ourselves something we are not.
    4. Buying into thee lie and the negative denotation. Check the dictionary.
    5. Being set apart in a way that no other ethnic group allows. Native Americans are not called Red Man. Asians are not called Yellow Man. Hispanics are not called Brown Man. They do not and will not accept being defined by color and by some other race or ethnic group at that.
    6. Ignoring our actual color (brown) which means brainwashing has worked. Any time someone can get an entire race, ethnic group or culture to ignore what they are and call themselves what they factually are not, THEY HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED, ASSIMILATED AND BRAINWASHED.
    7. Playing right into the oppressor’s profiles and stereotypes. Did you know studies show there is a different perception of black people than there is of African Americans? Words create perceptions and perceptions create actions towards us.

    WAKE UP. You know your colors. And even though others around the world equated our ancestors with the color of the soil in Africa or the meaning of negro/negroid, that does not change the fact that WE ARE BROWN – NOT BLACK.
    Facts are facts and YOU ARE BROWN, NOT BLACK. When you receive the revelation of why they keep calling African Americans “black” and Caucasian people “white”, you may just wake up!

    STOP LETTING OTHER GROUPS DEFINE YOU WITH AN OBVIOUS LIE that we have heard and accepted so much that we believe it’s true and forget our colors. The de-programming has to take root or African Americans will forever be defined, limited and oppressed by those who get us to accept a lie.

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