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We Need to Call the Police.

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( As black people its hard to explain to white people, and even people of color, the trauma of living while black. Every time we turn on the tv or open social media we see other black people being harassed, targeted, and dying. The existence is rather exhausting when you don’t know if you will return home when you leave the house. We are subject to how people feel about us regardless of if it is right or wrong. The bottom line is “fear” of black people is more so an issue of not seeing us as human being. The questioning of our humanity very well may be the underlining issue in this country. However, that is not a reason for black people to lie in fear of their live.

Some black people refuse to call the police for fear of police backlash. We error on the side of caution regarding law enforcement when our tax dollars, just as everyone else, pays for the police to protect and serve us. It is time we press past the fear and begin to show white Americans what it feels like to be uncomfortable. I know some may say revenge is no way to behave, but what I’m suggesting is not revenge but an acknowledgement that we too have feelings. Its time we begin calling the police.

When we see people in our neighborhood that we don’t recognize call the police. When you are in a store and you feel threatened call the police. If you find yourself at school and you feel targeted call the campus police. Granted someone being rude is not a good reason to call the police you see where I’m going with this. It is time we channel our anger and fear through legal channels and exercise our rights. We can’t promise that we will get the same response as our white counterparts.

However, we must try to level this field as best we can. The unfortunate thing is none of this is our fault. Black people have to be concerned about what we wear, how we look, what we say, where we get coffee, which restaurant we are in, and even how we feel. Will we be put out of school because of our hair even if it’s clean and neat? This is only a small window into what it means to be black.

The last few incidents that went viral whereby the police have been called on black people that were minding their business and breaking no laws involved a white woman picking up a phone. I will begin using my phone, and I urge brothers and sisters to do the same. We are human beings, and we have feeling just like other people. The situations for black people are further complicated when we have to worry for our children…will they end up in handcuff or worse…dead.

We must teach our children how to dial 911 when they feel threatened or targeted. If they are in a crown and feel uncomfortable they may need to call 911. This may be one of the only things we can do right now, peacefully, that will make white people think about calling the police…when the police is called on them.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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