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3 Reasons Your Family Is In Need of Deep Discussions Sessions.

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( Having effective family discussions can be challenging, especially when your family has never participated in any open conversations. Discussions in which everyone can share their thoughts, listen to each other and conclude the discussion in a positive tone. No matter what type of family you have, there’s always a room for discussions and there are strong reasons to have deep discussions with your family. Even if everything is going right or something is going wrong, conversations are always needed.

Here are 3 reasons your family needs to discuss things.

1. It can bring you out of a never-ending loop

A deep discussion with all the family members is important and it can solve problems in many ways. For example, some arguments took place and all of you are not happy with whatever happened at the house. When everyone is living with their own assumptions and thoughts about the incident, it is always better to discuss and find the root cause of the issue. If it happened due to someone’s mistake, discuss it and think of ways to correct it or check if this is something you can forgive or seek forgiveness for if it’s your mistake.

There are never-ending loops about many things. For example, you all want to buy a house or a car and you all have been speaking about it but couldn’t do anything. It’s time to break that loop. It’s time to discuss why you are failing and what can be done. Instead of following different routes to achieve the same goal, make sure that you all mutually agree to define a certain path to achieve those goals. The most important thing is your decisions must be very clear and transparent and nothing should be kept hidden from anyone.

2. It can help you open up on controversial issues

Everyone wants peace at the house because we all get tired after working a full day. We live under the same roof to share some moments of joy not to create problems for each other. Discussing controversial matters can be stressful but it is not more stressful than keeping things to yourself and suffering. We all love peace and avoid talking about controversial matters just to maintain that peace or please everyone. But in reality, we are creating distance by hiding those thoughts from others.

Until you open up and speak, you keep assuming that even if you will speak nothing is going to happen or nothing will change because your family members don’t want to listen or they don’t want to understand each other. This is one of the biggest mistakes many families make as they only share their happiness with each other and fail to share their pain and problems.

It happens with introverts because they always feel that they don’t need anyone. Of course, you don’t need anyone and you’re strong enough to take care of yourself and deal with your problems, but when your problems or some events are associated with your family members, you must have a deep discussion to open up. And when you do it, do it with all your heart.

3. You get to understand the mindset of others

Silence is not always the best solution, especially when you are unable to understand the behavior or personality of a family member. Having discussions with family members not only make them see and understand what mindset you have, you will also get to see their mindset and their capabilities to deal with problems. It will not only create a strong bond between your family members, but it will also help you understand people and their personality.

Sometimes we always live in assumptions that someone is too good, or someone is too bad. We see some part of their nature and label people as mean, selfish, honest, true, good, bad, coward, incapable, strong, weak etc. Always remember, nobody is perfect and you are no exception. When you see one side of someone’s personality, make sure you see other sides of their nature too. Deep discussion session in the family can be a great opportunity to learn more about the people you trust, respect, hate or don’t open up with.

There’s a very famous quote by an anonymous writer. He/she said “It’s the unexpected that changes our lives”, and this quote accurately fits into this context. Have you ever experienced some life changes after having a discussion with your family members? Please share your experience in the comment box below.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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