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Turning Up the Heat: 3 Reasons People are Turning to Electronic Smoking Devices.

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( Tobacco has seen its day. After spending billions to attract and addict the public, their customers are finally looking for alternatives.

Some cigarette smokers have stopped cold-turkey, and others have sought help. But, they are leaving the Big Tobacco market in droves. With e-cigarettes and vaping as options, users can still get their nicotine fix, satisfy their oral fixation, or wean themselves fully away from the habit.

3 reasons people are turning to electronic smoking devices:

Price: The Expatistan calculator shows one pack of cigarettes selling at $27 (NZD) as of February 14, 2018. At one pack a day, that comes to $9,855 per year. And, that’s prohibitive when the median hourly wage is $23.5. That’s 19.7% of the median New Zealand income.

Electronic smoking devices will cost more at the beginning because you must invest in devices and supplies. For example, a complete starter kit at goes for $115.00. But, e-smoking options will save money before too long. You’ll want to set a budget and not overbuy. With some research and conversations with other users, you can save substantially.

Addiction: Tobacco smokers become addicted to the nicotine and other toxins contained. The physical and psychological problems dropping the habit are legendary.

According to an Online Survey of New Zealand Vapers published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “The overriding motivation to begin and continue vaping was to stop or to reduce smoking.”

E-smoking has not been an option long enough for deep and broad research. But, studies so far indicate a switch from tobacco to e-smoking options will extend life significantly and facilitate other health benefits.

Pleasure: Using e-cigarettes or vaporizers offer a number of options. You may continue to inhale nicotine if you want, but you can also regulate and steadily reduce its quantity and impact as you wean off smoking tobacco products.

Fluids used in the devices vary in composition and flavor.They start with non-toxic base of Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Natural flavors like vanilla, apple, grape, and berry add fun to the taste and aroma.

Turning up the heat

There’s a less obvious reason boosting the switch to electronic smoking devices. It can be a safe and discreet way to use marijuana. The vaping process triggers the main components of the cannabis plant at lower temperatures and before any combustion occurs. That avoids release of toxins associated with tobacco smoking. Vaping in this way reduces the secondary exposure to smoke. And, its reduced toxicity is particularly important to those seeking medical benefit from cannabis.

The future of electronic smoking is underway. The major movers in Big Tobacco are co-opting the existing options with their own products and devices to remain competitive. Regulatory agencies are split between fears about endorsement and science that shows the advantages of electronic smoking use. But, they will develop guidelines that will design the devices and the e-liquids involved.

In short, the volume of credible scientific research and the list of public health professionals continues to favor the reduction in tobacco damage, a growing motivation for smokers to switch to electronic smoking devices.

Staff Writer; Bobby Hall

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