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Christianity: Is It Really About God, Or Manipulation And Greed?

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( I give truth and common sense priority over any kind of political or religious ideology, because politics and religion are one and the same, they both deal in manipulating the naïve, gullible and uninformed for money and power. So my one and only philosophy is to follow truth wherever it leads and regardless to whose ox it gores.
With that, most Christians would say, but “the word of God” is truth, and then immediately start quoting the Bible to prove their point and suggest that I’m a closed-minded heathen destined to go to Hell if I don’t change my thinking. But these people have been so completely indoctrinated in Christian dogma throughout their lives that they completely fail to recognize that the only reason they accept the Bible as “the word of God” is because the Bible says it is, and they have absolutely no other evidence of that fact other than the Bible itself.
But that’s where “faith” comes in, and why faith plays such an important role in ALL religions. One of the main tenets of Christianity is that its adherents maintain absolute and unwavering “faith” in what they are told.  One of the worst sins that can be committed by a Christian is to lose faith – not just faith in God, but faith in what they’re being told about God. This serves two very important purposes.  First, it prevents people from thinking about whether what they’re being told makes sense or not, and secondly, it allows preachers – or “men of God” – to step into God’s place as his surrogate.  So essentially, they become God, and speak on his behalf. As a result, many Christians are not actually worshipping God, but their preachers. That’s why they make them so rich. Subconsciously, they think they’re buying their way into Heaven.
But truth and common sense dictates that it’s all nonsense. If a devout Christian born in Georgia had been born in Israel, he would be a devout Jew, or if in Iran, a devout Muslim, or if he’d been born in China he would be a devoted Buddhist. That clearly demonstrates that religion is not of God, but of man. People are actually socialized into believing what they believe. If God had created religion to guide us, would he have created so many of them that they would cause man to hate, brutalize and murder one another?  I don’t think so, not a loving God.

Although it is claimed that religion was placed on Earth as a blessing to mankind from a loving God, in reality, organized religion is without a doubt the most evil and destructive force on the face of the Earth.  It’s the primary source of all manner of hatred, bigotry, and misery in the world, and that cannot be denied.  But if a person chooses to be a “Believer” that’s up to them. There would be no problem with that if people would simply believed what they believed and go on about their business. But that’s not good enough for people who are prone to be religious fanatics.  They tend to want to proselytize, and shove their religious beliefs down everybody else’s throats, and then pass laws to institutionalize their beliefs.

A perfect example of that was senatorial candidate, Roy Moore. He wanted to make it against the law for gay people to marry, but thought it was perfectly alright to molest 14-year-old girls. We have the same problem with our current president, who routinely uses narrow-minded religious bigotry to gain support for mean-spirited social policies. So instead of the people’s so-called love of God spreading love and enlightenment throughout the world, it’s being used to sew hatred, misery and division among the people.
I recognized that fact as a mere child, and I also recognized that I didn’t have to be religious to be Godly.  I’m one of the most God-loving people I know, but I don’t feel that I have to believe in walkin’ dead men, talkin’ snakes, or foolish preachers struttin’ around on ego trips to love God. Embracing that nonsense is where loving God crosses over into brainwashing and Voodoo, and it’s shocking to me how many otherwise intelligent people buy into it. But as a rule, the more undereducated people are, the more religious and bigoted they tend to be, and if they’re Black, they tend to be more conservative, critical of other Blacks, and eager to please and submissive toward Whites. I could never identify with such people, so as a young adult I came up with my own religion.  I guess you could call it the Gospel of Wattreeism. My Bible is only one page long, and has only three Commandments:



Now, that’s Godly, because it doesn’t create hatred, hostility, mayhem, or chaos, and I think God would agree with my basic theology, because God’s where I got it, not from some money-hungry and fanatical preacher. It’s important to remember that Jesus didn’t have any “faith” in the word of any man. He found God within himself, because that’s where God resides, and when I seek God’s council, that’s where I look.  On the other hand, the video below portrays what you get from organized religion – maybe not always so blatant, but the end-game is always the same – money:


Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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2 Responses to “Christianity: Is It Really About God, Or Manipulation And Greed?”
  1. M. Anthony,

    I judge Christianity by what I see, and what “New Covenant?” It’s been 400 years and things are only getting worse, because these hustlers are improving their game. So this “New Covenant” thing is just a lot of Christian gobbledegop.

  2. M Anthony says:

    To The Author,
    I know many pastors are pulpit pimps but do not judge Christianity by flawed human beings. Judge it by what the New Covenant can produce. A word to the wise

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