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Oprah Please Stay Out of Politics.

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( Given the current President I know without a doubt Oprah Winfrey can do a better job. She may not know a lot about politics, but at the very least she will be far more graceful that what we have now. She has the notoriety, the money, and could make may valid arguments I’m sure about equality, the justice system, and healthcare. I do feel our country to needs to give thought to the fact that as a whole a president was elected that was completely unqualified to do the job necessary. Many have even begun to miss presidents past whose policies we hated, but at least they were presidential. Americans live in fear of seeing their country completely fall apart.

War feels like a heartbeat away as we sit back and watch the nation be misrepresented to the world. Yes, this country is a mess…some would argue its’s more a mess now than it was when Barak Obama took office after George W. Bush. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the country will be able to get back on track with this administration, and the bickering in Congress.

Regardless of how galvanizing and moving Oprah Winfrey’s speech was at the Golden Globe Awards I admit I pray she stays out of politics. Its not a question of qualification, though one could argue for or against her regarding that, it’s a matter of principle. America did not realize, regardless of party or politics, Barack Obama wasn’t the devil. This country was messed up terribly when he was elected, and Congress fought progress every step of the way. Some of them made it their mission in life to block anything that black man set out to do.

No president has ever been perfect, but it seems perfection was the expectation. America wanted this black man to do what other white men could not, and that was completely unfair. In all honestly, the country doesn’t deserve an Oprah. If we thought Congress set out to destroy Former President Obama we have seen nothing in comparison to the backlash a black woman will receive. Everything she does, and says will be scrutinized to another level, and to be quite honest more people would want her dead.

Black Americans did not put America in the position its in. We are fought at every turn when trying to actively take part in the American process. If you need proof pay attention to the scrutiny of black congressional member when they are technically doing their job. We do not live in a post-racial society, and we need to focus energy on wanting better our communities, and putting in both the time and money to make that happen. White women in the audience at the Golden Globe Awards appeared moved and engaged in Oprah Winfrey’s speech, but the problem is if she were to run…how many of them would actually stand with her come election day.

It’s hard to forget that 53% of white women voted for this president knowing who he was, and his vile treatment of women. Yes, there was a march the day after his inauguration, but marches can’t fit what happened in the voting booth. Oprah doesn’t need to run for president…no matter her platform she won’t be appreciated, nor properly supported by her own gender. Why bother with that kind of headache? She doesn’t need the White House to affect change.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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