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The Colonial State’s Ongoing Reign Of Terror Against The African Community In St. Petersburg, Florida During The 2018 MLK Day Parade.

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( Last Monday was supposed to be a day in which African people in St. Petersburg, Florida would come together to celebrate one of their heroes in MLK, but instead it was another real life episode of Colonial State Terror imposed on the African community by the corrupted city government of St. Petersburg, Florida.

The African community in St. Pete has historically and is still today under the most vicious and brutal assaults at the hands of the corrupted city government from police murders of young African teenagers to dumping a billion gallons of raw sewage into the African community and also being gentrified out of their own communities to expand a playground for the parasitic rich at the expense of the African community.

Prior to The 2018 MLK Day Parade In St. Pete, notoriously brutal and vicious house negro police chief Anthony Holloway known to Africans in St. Pete as Chief Hollowhead, who oversees an entire  police department filled with killers and thugs, sent out an ordinance that said any African person “illegally vending” on the south side on MLK Day will be fined for each offense and this ordinance was and is part of the vicious and oppressive economic quarantines that are deliberately imposed on the African community in St. Pete by the corrupted city government. This ordinance was also imposed on the African community under the orders of The Evil White Nationalist Kriseman Empire. African people couldn’t even vendor on MLK Day as African people said recently that when they walked down 9th St., there wasn’t a single African vendor in sight.

Last year when Rick Kriseman was running for re-election, one of the tactics he used against our community as any white nationalist politician do is use their handpicked ass-kissing yes men house negroes to buck dance for him to pander to our community for our vote and receive the scraps in exchange for the buck dancing for their Massa.

Also during the first St. Pete mayoral debate last summer, he and fellow corrupt big money white nationalist politician in Rick Baker had a “debate” and within the first five minutes of that “debate”, they were talking about which one of them would do a better job of aggressively policing African people by saying things like how many Auto Theft Units to enact and how many Street Crimes Units to deploy and this was meant as public safety for only the white community.

On MLK Day in St. Pete, the pigs had already imposed a ring of steel around the entire community as early as 5am. African people had uploaded videos on their social media pages recording the nasty and hostile treatment they received from the pigs as well as Africans who couldn’t get into their community let alone even be able to get out of their own community on MLK Day because they were basically being treated as prisoners in their own community which is reflective of general white nationalist public’s attitude towards our community historically and today in this country. This was NOT “public safety”, this was without a shadow of a doubt a full-scale military police occupation of the entire African community in St. Pete which is also reflective of the public policy of police containment of the African community that’s viciously enforced by not only the corrupted city government and the previous mayors and the current one there, but also by corrupted city governments and mayors across the entire country.

Also, the pig squad along with their puppet master in the city government spare absolutely no expense in openly and viciously containing and suppressing our community.

Police containment is also a part of colonialism that’s specifically designed to maintain its dominant and repressive control over colonized people and colonized communities.

The aggressive police containment of the African community that was on display in St. Pete last Monday on MLK Day is part of a bigger plan and the name is gentrification which is actually the forcible removal of the entire African community from the city of St. Petersburg, Florida because according to an young African activist that I’ve personally spoken to recently told me that the African community in St. Pete is almost nonexistent and even told me that another historical African community in St. Pete called Jordan Park (named after an African man named Elder Jordan that saved The City of St. Pete from the brink of financial ruin) is about to get razed to build more high rises and condominiums at the expense of the African community and there are 200 families that are deliberately being pushed out of the area through the artificially raising the rent so high and even being code enforced out of their homes. Gentrification and police containment go hand-to-hand.

This ain’t the first time that the pigs have militarily occupied The African community in St. Pete because around this time seven years ago in 2011, a white pig was killed by a 16 year old African teenager named Nick Lindsey and as a consequence of that incident, they deliberately decided to punish the entire community by launching a full-scale military police occupation where pigs with assault rifle were banging on African people’s doors, getting on public buses and even going as far as to point assault rifles at young African children and The Dome (that literally rests on the graveyard of African people and an entire African community) was used as a staging ground for this full-fledged police occupation of the African community.

The 2018 MLK Day Parade was deliberately hijacked and co-opted by corrupted city government officials and was pushed into downtown that’s being rapidly developed with high rises, condos, and restaurants to expand a playground for the parasitic rich colonial elitists not only at the expense of of our community, but also the rest of the neighborhoods throughout that city.

It’s definitely no secret that whenever we people rise up and rebel against this vicious, bloodthirsty, oppressive, and exploitatively parasitic colonial social system, the pigs let us know exactly what they plan on doing to us. They function as not only henchmen for The Colonial State, but also function as an occupying military force in our community specifically ordered to protect the material interests of the colonial ruling class at the expense of our community.

This is the type of vicious and brutal military police occupation that you only see in our community, you don’t see none of this happening in the white community because this is also reflective of The Two Americas.

Whenever we try to make decent progress by getting to the 1st down marker as a community, we always get blitzed and sacked on 3rd down by the defensive linemen of the colonial status quo which are the city government and the pig squad.

The Conclusion – This is something that you can’t write in a TV or movie script because military police occupation of the African community is real life. This is not “As The World Turns”, this is a real life episode of “As The Colonial State Turns” with the real life episode title of “The Continuous Colonial State Terror Against The African Community”.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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