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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Three Ways to Strengthen Intimacy.

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( Intimacy seems to be a misunderstood concept. Often times when thought of sex immediately comes to mind. Granted, sex can be a wonderful part of intimacy, but it is not intimacy. To have deep emotional closeness that can impact, and transcend, physical interaction is the core of intimacy. There can be a degree of it in every kind of relationship. When looking to improve intimacy with your partner you must think of romance, sharing, and bonding on a deep level. Sometimes it is the smallest touches, and interaction that create the deepest intimacy. Try these three ways to strengthen the intimacy in your love life.

Hold Hands and give Long Hugs. This may seem like something simple, but it is surprising how many couples don’t show adequate affection. Too many of us have equated affection to sex…which can make the sex less impact over time. When watching a show or taking a walk actually take the time to hold hands. Let the energy you share pass between you as you do about different activities. Give more than the “in passing” hug. Too often we allow our meaningful embraces to be a response to hurt, or tragedy. Hugs are powerful, and can be very intimate.

Take the time to breathe in your partner, feel their heart beat, experience their energy and let it wash over you. There is nothing more sensual than the embrace that makes you feel as though time has stopped. Savor that moment with your partner…it will become something you crave. Its as if time in their arms can allow you to have moments whereby everything is right in the world…regardless of what may be happening around you.

Engage in Deep Conversation. They say conversation rules the nation…we that can also be the case when sparking intimacy. In deep talks with your partner you are able to see the depth of their person. You allow yourself to also be seen, as you exchange ideas about life and living. In the discussions of beauty, goals, art, music, literature, world views, and one’s thoughts on love and indeed intimacy you begin to see the magic in your partner.

You can find yourself in love with their mind, and their view of life. This also allows a couple to continue to grow together. Far too often people find themselves in situations where they grow apart, no longer know each other, and physical interaction then becomes more of a chore. Continue to engage in the deep talks…you will find they may undress you before your partner does.

Sleep Together. This is not a given, unfortunately. With high demanding jobs, children, and home responsibilities often times partners are not in sync. One goes to bed alone while the other stays up working. One stays up tending to the house for the next day, while the other is working. Eventually someone passes out on the couch or at the desk…while one slept in the bed alone. This kills any idea of intimacy. There should be a time to shut down the house, and the work, to lay down together in each other’s arms.

Even if sex is not the goal for that particular night the intimacy of quiet time laying together is priceless. It’s understandable that one of you may have to get up, and finish working. However, you still had time to lay with each other, and take comfort in the intimacy of that moment. If you are having a sexual dry spell this could help break the spell as intimacy has a way of bringing life into said situation.

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