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Black Men are Amazing.

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( The society we live in wants us to believe there are no good black men in the world. Many of us would dismiss the good brothers we do know for the bad relationships we’ve endured, or for the terrible relationships some have with the black men in the family. Too many of us feel justified in disavowing all brothers based on our experiences. Its important to understand for every sister that has negative experiences with our men there are brothers with negative experiences with other black women. This is necessary to acknowledge, or many of us will never see the propaganda machine that wants to perpetuate negativity between black men and women. Just as black women are magic, black men are amazing.

Like us they have endured all that has been stacked against them with a cool swagger that is strong yet alluring. There is a mystic to black men that set them apart from others. Watching them with their family as protectors and nurturers can set everything right in the world. Yes, there are many black men in this world that love on their elders, adore their wives, and see their legacy in the goodness of their children. For many reasons, as with single mothers, there are single fathers out there making it happen every day for their kids. They sacrifice, and work hard, so that their kids have a fighting chance at success in life. They do this with no accolades nor recognition.; they know when Father’s Day rolls around they won’t receive the same uplift and celebration mothers receive. Yet they continue to be the rock that is dad for their children, and others that are fatherless.

It’s true there are black men that should refrain from disrespecting our women, as we should refrain from partaking in such. With that being said, it must be acknowledged that there are black men out there that are compassionate enough to cover our shame until we are able to believe in ourselves again. There are many black men that endure disrespect, abuse, and tearing down at the hands of black women in silence. They have stood by sisters through pain, her coming to terms with abuse, and even addiction. Some brothers have loved black women back to life through sheer will, and never losing faith in her. We tend to overlook these men, and downplay how many of them exist.

Black men are simply amazing, and their expression of love is unique to them, yet the envy of all. When we look at soul and R&B music, we can even see it in some Hip-Hop, their expression of love and their worship of black women gave birth to many of us. Sometimes hearing them in song kept many of us from losing our entire hearts. When feeling like less than a woman you found your self listening to Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, D’Angelo, Prince or the artist that fed you the adoration you needed in that space.

Every group has its deplorable members, and black men are no exception to this; however, before you shout on that note remember black women have our deplorables also. In large our men are fathers, husbands, leaders, business men, and yet they are able to be relaxed, seductive, empowering and the unmovable mountain that is our greatest line of defense. In their eyes we are Queens…not animals. In their very existence we are reminded of the beauty and regal spirit that is us as black women. I must admit when in the presence of black men, I feel safe and fortified. They are a blessing as are we, and the ultimate counterpart.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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