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Brothers It’s Wise to Admit Faults.

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( There comes a time in every man’s life whereby he must access what he believes is necessary to consider himself a man. Contrary to all the foolishness we see there are a few things that have been en-grained in us from previous generations and society that is dangerous to the well-being of every relationship we have. The very nature of pride, and a stubborn mentality could have you busting your head up against concrete wondering why nothing in your life hasn’t changed. Some of us don’t see to compute the idea that we aren’t perfect, everything is not her fault, everything is not “the man’s” fault, and yes brothers we can be wrong. I know some of you might be thinking…well brother it’s the sisters that think they are always right. This is true there are some out there. But, as men its time we learn that it doesn’t make us less than a man to admit our faults, and make moves to rectify said faults.

How we approach life as men must be based on our integrity, and what we believe. The game of she doesn’t admit when she’s wrong, so I won’t is childish. We can’t call ourselves grown men while perpetuating childish behavior. We can’t look at our life and say well “the white man trying to keep me down” when you won’t invest in your education, learn a trade, or even try to get a job. Yes, there is oppression we face in the work force, but we must do all that we can do to help ourselves. There comes a point where if a door doesn’t open we must build one. We must, as men, begin to look at ourselves though an honest lens. No one is right all the time. Brother, are not perfect. Its easy to admit that, but looking at what needs to change in your life is a different story.

Why should a woman respect you if you can’t admit when you are wrong? How can you teach your children accountability if they don’t watch you become a better man every day? This happens when you are not consumed by pride, and a false sense of ego. One of the most powerful statements you can make is: “I apologize”. Those two words can calm wrath, and usher in healing. When you begin to take account of yourself you may find there is much to apologize for…be man enough to do so. When you can identify your faults, you must also make the effort to change.

Life is constantly moving, so we should always be in a state of growth. Change is necessary in this sense. Just as your woman, and others around you, must make changes to better themselves, so do you. You never want to get to a place whereby you can’t receive wisdom, and corrective criticism. Granted, I realize how said information comes to us, often has a lot to do with how we respond. However, if the person is speaking truth we must grab hold of the message knowing that we don’t always dispense the truth in a delicate fashion.

We must begin to look at what makes us a man, and be sure accountability and responsibility is a part of that identity. When those two things become apart of how we measure self we are constantly looking for ways to become better men. We are open to wisdom, and we move to make the necessary adjustments. We understand that apologizing to someone we’ve wrongs be it our woman, child, co-worker or friend is what accountable adults, and grown men do. When we hold this standard, we aren’t hypocrites when we demand the same accountability from others. Admitting your faults, and making changes to better self rest solely with you. The willingness to change what is necessary in you for betterment is apart of what makes you a strong man.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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