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That breath almost took me out…

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( Have you ever been talking to someone and their breath smells so bad you cannot pay attention to what they are saying? I mean it literally smells like death. They may have information that can change your life, but that breath is so distracting. The answer to your question is in their mouth but their breath handicaps you. You should be running to them, but that breath has you running in the opposite direction.

Why did they put you in this situation? You are stuck because the breath, not the message, has your undivided attention. You can’t even listen. If you can’t listen, you can’t learn. Your growth is stunted.

In that moment you’re so disgusted that you just want them to stop talking. That moment when you first smelled their breath will forever be engraved in your memory. It will affect how close you allow them to get to you in the future. No one wants that odor in their personal space. You will always remember this offense on your senses.

When they open their mouth you secretly wonder how does it smell today. Even if they brushed today you will remember the bad breath of yesterday. It’s hard to forget.

It is recommended that you clean your mouth multiple times daily. If you’re going to be in front of people you should at least carry some mints or gum just to make sure they aren’t missing what you’re saying. Breath Checks should be required if you want to people to listen when you speak.

Most people have the breath thing checked naturally but some still have dirty mouths. They say (and post) anything. That’s cool if you’re not trying to build. Being toxic with your words is cool if you’re not trying to reach people. If you’re not trying to gather support its cool not to care. Sure, some will co-sign on your bluntness, but others will silently distance themselves. The stench of your words distract from what you’re saying. It’s hard to reach them after you offend them. You need to clearly define who you are trying to reach. Is your audience the people you offended? You build and destroy with every statement. There are two sides. You must be intentional about who you are siding with.

I have learned that somethings are better left unsaid. Some debates aren’t worth having. Some debates aren’t winnable and both parties loose. Some truths aren’t true at all, just true to you. I have also learned that some things that need to be said, should not be said by you.

Our elders used to say what happens in this house stays in this house. Some of your thoughts should only be shared at your dinner table. Timing is everything. Some people can’t digest it the way you’re serving it up. Think before you share.

If your lifestyle was your breath- what does it smell like? Get you some life mints so you can be great.

Staff Writer; David Spencer

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