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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Samsung Galaxy A8+ Leaks Uncover Big News Coming In January.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThe South Korean tech giant is testing out the Samsung Galaxy A8+ and its little brother A8 according to latest leaks. Samsung is ready to unveil the new devices during CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) in January. Samsung is not the only company bringing new devices on stage, in a surprising news, LG will most likely introduce the rumored K10 (2018) smartphone at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy A8+ will continue the company’s infinity display scheme and feature 18:9 aspect ratio according to a rumor. The A8 Plus will feature 6-inch AMOLED display and the smaller one will have 5.5-inch display. The A8+ is expected to have three RAM and storage combinations. The basic model will offer 4GB of RAM with 64GB internal storage capacity. The upper and mid-range models will have 6GB of RAM with a choice between 64GB and 128GB internal storage options.

The Galaxy A8+ phone will run on Android Nougat initially at the time of launch, and later an Oreo update will be rolled out for both the devices. As far as their battery life is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy A8+ is expected to have a bigger 3,500mAh battery. Samsung will also keep a dual camera setup in place. The primary camera will include a 16 MP + 8 MP setup, and the front-facing camera will sport a 16MP sensor.

Samsung has been pushing its own virtual assistant Bixby through its latest devices, and now when the company is reportedly bringing some new phones at CES 2018, the Galaxy A8+ will likely get a dedicated button for Bixby. Samsung has not released any major updates for Bixby. Now when some of the company’s existing devices accommodate Bixby, and some are already set for launch, it is safe to assume that the company will surely announce some new features for its virtual assistant. We also believe that Bixby will also be a strong selling point in the marketing strategy of the Galaxy A8 and A8+.

Samsung Pay will be available on both the devices and according to the trends, we also expect to see a fingerprint sensor on these phones. Samsung has already changed its strategy for the positioning of fingerprint sensor, so the Samsung Galaxy A8+ will likely have a fingerprint sensor on its backside. A rear-mounted fingerprint sensor will surely spark many discussions about the convenience and design aesthetics.

Both the devices will sport a USB Type-C port, and surprisingly, Samsung will keep the 3.5mm audio jack instead of ditching the concept entirely. There will be split-screen functionality for multitasking and there will be an option to let users see more than two apps at the same time. The option is called ‘Pop-Up View’ which is expected to be available in both the Galaxy A8 and A8+.

As far as the release date of Samsung Galaxy A8+ is concerned, there are chances that Samsung will launch these phones in Korea in mid-January. The CES 2018 will start on January 7 and the show will run till January 12. During the first two days, there will be no exhibitions in the Tech East and Tech West section. It means that the announcements will be made on January 9. There are chances that Samsung will launch the device in Korea and later it will confirm the release date of the Galaxy A8+ for other regions.

It is also being said that Samsung is testing many other phones including the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in China. The leaked details also claim that the company will likely introduce these devices at CES 2018. If the leaked details are something to go by, Samsung will not disappoint fans in 2018 because the design story Samsung started in 2017 has significantly raised expectations of fans from the smartphone manufacturer.  The CES 2018 will be held in Las Vegas in January 2018. It would be interesting to see how many smartphones will appear at the event.

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  1. George Jones says:

    Samsung continues to amaze me. Still I do wonder how many versions of the Galaxy line will they put out.

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