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Black People, Is White Supremacy Really Our Biggest Problem?


(ThyBlackMan.com) One would have to be a fool to deny the fact that this White supremacist system doesn’t work overtime to keep Black people subjugated, but it gets a lot of help from Black people themselves. Somewhere along the line many Black people just gave up and accepted their plight as being at the bottom-rung of society. Thereafter, their idea of success was being just a little bit better off than other Black people. That’s what led to the crabs-in-a-barrel syndrome in the Black community.

Since many of us contend that Black people can’t move forward because “the White man” is holding us down, we compete among ourselves, and then when anyone among us begins to move up to the next rung in society we put all of our efforts into pulling them back down to prevent them from invalidating our valuable excuse for failure. As a direct result, many ambitious and creative Black people can’t manage to get a foothold in society in order to help pull the rest of us up, and it’s a vicious circle.
So as Black people we must learn to follow truth wherever it leads and regardless to whose ox it gores. Then, when truth leads to a place or conclusion that we find troubling, we must address the issue honestly and in a forthright manner instead of trying to bend truth into a configuration that brings comfort to our delusions – “It’s not my fault; the White man is responsible for my condition.” That’s bullshit. If it weren’t, ALL Black people would be dope fiends, criminals, failures and going in and out of jail – but they’re not.
The vast majority of Black people have never seen the inside of a police station or jail in their lives, and they have the courage, determination, and intellectual discipline to move forward in spite of the obstacles placed in their path. So again, while it’s undeniable that this White supremacist society works hard to stifle Black progress, so do Black people, and the following explains how and why:
We’d rather undermine one another than stick together, we often lack focus, many of us are much more interested in merely LOOKING successful than actually becoming so (flo-showin’), and far too many of us are more interested in becoming sports stars and entertainers than we are competent, learned, and enlightened individuals. And finally, many of us use all our energy and intellectual creativity doing exactly what I’m sure is going to be done in this thread – trying to prove that our failure is someone else’s fault instead of looking at ourselves objectively and addressing our shortcomings – and everyone has them, even Black people, believe it or not.
But someone who doesn’t want to accept these truths is bound to say, “Man, you sound like a White bigot.” Well, maybe, but there’s a very good reason for that. I’ve learned over the years that bigots can be a very valuable resource. They hate Black people so much that they dig a lot deeper, and much more thoroughly, trying to find our shortcomings. So I simply let them do the work, and then I address the issues that they come up with in an objective and forthright manner. In that way, I allow their idiocy to help me to grow, and to rid myself of my glaring shortcomings. So the more they wolf, and the more they try to insult me, the more they extend my superiority over them.
So, yes, White supremacy is without a doubt a big obstacle to Black progress, but it’s far from our only obstacle. The biggest obstacle to Black progress is Black people themselves, because we continue to make thinking a hobby instead of a way of life.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree
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