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Monday, December 17, 2018

Jerry Jones is Morally Bankrupt.

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( I’ve never been a Dallas Cowboys fan; I don’t like the culture of the team at all. However, I loathe the Cowboys in large part due to the fact that I feel owner is morally bankrupt. It’s okay for the Cowboys to do everything they can think of in the streets as long as its not taking a stance against injustice. This situation is showing everyone who Jerry Jones really is. Many fans have tried to give Jerry Jones the benefit of the doubt, but he is morally bankrupt. It’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the stance Jerry Jones has taken in the midst of this protest. The Cowboys have been a team of many vices for decades, and it is apart of the culture of the team Some feel it came with Jerry Jones.

It is important to note that players jobs were threatened if they took a knee during the national anthem. Some defended this position by saying they work for Jerry Jones so he can set the stipulations of employment. Though that is understandable one would believe that being a drug addict, rapist, or woman beater would also be grounds to lose a job. However, in Jerryland those offenses can be committed without fear of losing ones job. It’s not too amazing that all of this is allowed to persist when Jerry Jones is pretty wild himself.

However, the players have to remember who they are to him…property. It didn’t seem to cross his mind that if his players all took that knee he would have bigger problems than his feelings on the NFL Commissioner. Unfortunately, the players don’t seem to understand that if they don’t play or are all fired Jerry Jones can’t make his money the way he wants to. The players have power in this situation, but they don’t seem to truly see the leverage they have.

With all that has happened with the NFL protest Jerry Jones has turned his ire towards Commissioner Roger Goodell. He is supposedly threatening to sue the NFL if Goodell’s contract is extended. Jerry Jones really doesn’t know when to stop. He needs to focus on his team, and the work that needs to be done in that area. Taking on the Commissioner may not work in his favor.

The bottom line is he realized Goodell is willing to sit down, talk to the players, and he’s trying to understand the issue at hand Apparently, the Commissioner understands the players can’t be disregarded like children…they are grown men, and the NFL is nothing without its black players. Black men in he NFL control the majority of many key positions needed for the game to commence. If Roger Goodell doesn’t lay down and roll over for Jerry Jones the way Jerry Jones rolled over for Trump he wants the man gone.

I’m sure many Cowboy fans will continue to support their team. However, Jerry Jones is devoid of any moral integrity…his character is shot. If I were a Cowboy fan I’d have to walk away from the Dallas star until Jerry Jones was no longer at the helm of that team.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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