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Monday, December 17, 2018

Maybe it’s Time Blacks Arm Themselves.

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( It is apparent that the leadership of this country feels mass shooting is an issue of mental illness, unless the act is committed by a person of color. Anyone with understanding of the safety issues in this country can agree there is a need for stricter gun regulations. Allowing anyone to carry a firearm in this country without proper regulations has proven to be remain a sore congressional issue. We are constantly told that law abiding citizens need guns to protect themselves from criminals.

This is used as both a distraction from the issue of stricter gun regulations, and as a covert scare tactic. Having stricter regulations that would bar the likes of those with mental illness is not taking Americas guns away. The argument isn’t about trying to steal the right to bare arms, but a question of national safety. Since white men, in large, can’t seem to understand this its best black people begin to truly arm themselves.

Black people in America do not arm themselves at the rate their white counterparts do. Furthermore, white men terrorize this country with mass shooting more than any other group of people. If we accept the logic that guns must be owned for protection against criminals, black people may want to do exactly that. The problem is this country, in large, is ran by white males. If the government were to crack down on guns who would they really limit? It is necessary for blacks to understand our place in this confusion.

We have seen from the shootings in bout Las Vegas, and Texas that it doesn’t matter whether white men are killing blacks or their own…they are deemed mentally ill. They aren’t being called terrorists or even murders. Those in power seek to protect the interest of their own, so white men will protect the rights of a white male to enact execution whenever they feel the need necessary. This may seem harsh, but that is what we are seeing happen right before our eyes. How can that be negated when this president labeled a killer as simply mentally ill?

Black people have to deal with violence in their neighborhoods, same as any other group in this country, so it is understandable that many of us want guns off the street. However, before powerful white men feel it necessary to prohibit the gun rights of others its best you arm yourselves now. Even if you don’t believe in violence, which we should not, it is necessary to make sure you can ensure the safety of your family. We can not depend on law enforcement, nor the government, for our safety. No place in this country is safe…not even the house of worship.

When our children are of age it is important to make sure they are educated on proper gun safety, and handling. That may sound terrible, but somewhere in American there is a 12 year old white child that has been taught and trained on how to safely operate a firearm. We often shun this reality until it is blatantly in our face. Educate yourself on firearms, and invest in them while you can. There is a chance we won’t always have access to firearms. Black people are truly a minority in this country, and we are targeted…its time we invest in our own protection while we can.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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One Response to “Maybe it’s Time Blacks Arm Themselves.”
  1. Douglas Loss says:

    Chelle, you get most of this wrong, but you do get one thing right. Black people, like any other Americans, should arm themselves. Protecting yourself and your family is fundamentally the responsibility of the individual. In the event of a threat to your or your family’s lives, you will be the first responder, not the police, not the fire department, not anyone else. You should have the means and the training to do so.

    What you will find is that all those gun-loving white males you’re so concerned about will be quite happy to help you learn how to protect yourself with a firearm. Believing otherwise is just evidence that you haven’t actually tried to find out the truth for yourself, but have just accepted what you’re told as the truth; it’s not.

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