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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Four Apple Products That Disappointed Apple Fans: Second One Is Totally Unpredicted.

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( In the tech world, Apple has created a unique identity for itself and also earned millions of loyal customers. No doubt, the brand deserves such a great recognition because it is the creator of some of the masterpieces that every tech lover desires to have. But, sometimes great brands too disappoint fans and Apple is not an exception. Here, you have a list of

Apple products that created hype before its arrival but failed to reach expectation. What hasn’t changed in the Apple family is the ability to make devices that have exceptional appeal. The roads to success are often bumpy, and sometimes when Apple executives expected to see growth with the new products, the company found it too hard to sell some of its products.

1. iPod Hi Fi

Apple started pulling its iPod Hi Fi from its online stores after few months of launch. While releasing the product, Apple had claimed that it is “an all-new high-fidelity speaker system that works seamlessly with the iPod to redefine the home stereo system.” The product was expected to deliver breathtaking acoustic performance and room-filling sound that makes it different from all other speaker system designed for the iPod. Its price was $349! of course, this price tag is too much for iPod Hi Fi. It’s a decent product but its simple features don’t deserve a high-end price tag. Apple could add more features to this device or reduce the price.

2. Apple Maps

When the iPhone 5 was launched, Apple decided that it will no longer let Google win hearts of the Apple users with map services. As a result, Apple replaced Google’s app with the company’s own mapping application. Apple bought map data from many companies and started providing information to its users. Problems started to appear when several reports revealed that the Apple maps are not accurate. The application couldn’t even provide an accurate address of an airport in Washington D.C. Similarly, on many phones, same locations appeared differently and it was very uncomfortable for drivers to use the maps because it became too risky. Apple mapping service attracted so much of criticism from users and tech enthusiasts.

3. iPhone 5C

During Apple’s earnings call, the company CEO Tim Cook admitted that the iPhone 5C was not aligned with the company’s internal projections. Everything turned out to be different than the company thought, Cook said. The iPhone 5C came with the same specifications as the iPhone 5. The device also comes in a casing made of plastic while everyone was expecting Apple to bring the phone in an aluminum body. The device was available on store shelves at a hefty price tag that disappointed fans and the biggest problem with this release remained the same – it was ugly in terms of hardware, design, and colors.

4. Macintosh TV

Long before the company introduced Apple TV and new iPhones, Steve Jobs tried to experiment in the television realm. The founder of Apple brought a black colored TV set that featured a 14-inch screen. The release took place in 1993 and then the company discontinued the product after failing badly. The TV couldn’t survive for more than a year and the production was limited to just 10,000 units. Apple didn’t stop and continued to experiment. Finally, the company is now selling Apple TV.

In the same product line, the company introduced G4 Cube. It is one of the highly sought-after products but failed to live up to the expectations. The company aimed the product for designers and web professionals and succeeded to some extent. The device comes in an 8 x 8 x 8-inch Cube design but the high price and low sales lead the product to fail.

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One Response to “Four Apple Products That Disappointed Apple Fans: Second One Is Totally Unpredicted.”
  1. Jerry P. says:

    So many Apple fanboys overlook this… For every Iphone, Ipad or whatever – this tech company has released a few BOMBS… heheehehehehehehe…

    Like it or not everything Apple produces isn’t going to be liked.

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