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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Trump Should Not Have Called.

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( A recurring theme in the Trump administration is failure to adhere to council. The current president doesn’t seem to understand that he is not the smartest person in the White House. He doesn’t seem to understand how frustrating it must be to work in administration because he absolutely refuses to listen to those in place to give him the advice he needs to run the country. When you realize you are failing in a particular area you don’t act in that space during sensitive times. Compassion is something that has to be taught when a child is young, and nurtured as they grow up. It appears Trump didn’t catch that lesson at all.

This president can’t open his mouth without creating problems. It doesn’t matter if he is speaking at a conference, addressing the nation, tweeting, or addressing the widow of a fallen solider. One would think he would have realized that one of the biggest problems is how he addresses matters. After the ill handling of American citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria one would think the president would heed advice when he is suggested to remain silent.

Silence doesn’t come without consequence, but maybe Trump would have faired better sending a compassionate letter to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. This administration has been plagued with unfavorable speech. Granted it is very difficult to call the widow of a fallen solider to offer condolences. Nothing that is said will alleviate her pain, but one should at the very least choose their words with care. How can a man who claims to support our military speak the widow of a fallen solider without care and compassion? General Kelly mention that he advised the president against calling…Trump should have heeded the advice.

Trump is going to have to learn, as president, he will receive criticism as have every other president. However, he should do what’s in the best interest of this nation and its citizens. The fact that he denied his harsh words, and General Kelly defended him, only to have them validated and then decided to get into a nasty feud with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. In the mist of all the ill speaking, and feuding, attention has been taken away from the fallen solider and his family.

We know this president believes the way to handle criticism is to fire back with insults, but this was a time whereby he should have taken the high road. Humility coupled with compassion could have helps put the fire out. The pride of this president is costly to the American people. Though I haven’t seen it mentioned…maybe a letter from the First Lady may have helped. Though it may not be tradition having a First Lady show care and concern for the families of military personnel, and the widow of a fallen solider would have helped extend compassion to that family.

We know the president will not back down, but in this he stooped to a new low. Granted he can’t be surprised as this is not the first time he has gotten into feuds with military families. What is apparent is this president continues to shun advice, but this time he really should have listened.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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