Street Fighter 5: Capcom Brings a New DLC Character Zeku & More Costumes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Street Fighter 5: Capcom Brings a New DLC Character Zeku & More Costumes.

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( With the new Street Fighter 5 DLC Pack comes a new character Zeku. This month, Capcom announced that the company is bringing a new character on October 24. Soon after the announcement, Capcom also confirmed that the DLC costumes will also arrive on the same day. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Street Fighter 5 character and DLC pack.

As part of the season two, Zeku is coming to the game and will be available for purchase at $6. Players had been discussing who will close out this year’s roster and finally, Capcom released a trailer at the South East Asia Major tournament in October.

Based on the trailer, the new SF 5 character Zeku appears to be a skilled fighter. He comes with a number of attacking moves and also transforms himself from young to old. During the video, Zeku can also be seen appearing in different costumes. Some of his moves help him appear and disappear in less than a second. He also has the ability to perform high kicks, somersault, and stomps.

Capcom suggests that the character Zeku first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2.  He was the former teacher of Guy and is responsible for teaching Guy Bushinryu, a ninjutsu style. Soon after Guy secured the title of Master of Bushinryu, Zeku disappeared. Now the character is making a comeback in Street Fighter 5 and is planning to own a group of ninjas. He is said to be on a mission to find a new fighting style. When compared with the other characters of the game, Zeku appears to have more techniques and mobility than many other characters.

Zeku was not a playable character in the game he was first seen. This time when Capcom introduced him again, the company also made several changes in the character’s looks. Fans expect that the changes Capcom has made in Zeku will be addressed as the company will most likely throw light on the character and his background through in-game animations and dialogues.

Those who have purchased Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Pass can get Zeku along with the previously released characters including Kolin, Akuma, Abigail, Menat, and Ed. A complete pack of all the characters is available for $30. Those who wish to buy the characters separately can get them from the store.

Zeku is the final character of the season 2 and it means that this is the time when everyone is expecting to hear some announcements about the third season. Capcom has not yet revealed the release details of the Street Fighter V Season 3 DLC. There are some rumors about who could be the possible characters. The company has not even confirmed whether it will roll-out the third season in 2017 or players will have to wait until the next year, as the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is scheduled to arrive on January 16, 2018.

The Arcade Edition is an updated version of the game. It brings new game modes and downloadable characters from the first two seasons. With the Arcade Edition, players on PS4 and PC will get an Arcade Mode, Trigger moves, and an Extra Battle Mode. Capcom has also confirmed that the user interface of the game will be completely redesigned in this edition.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be available at $39.99. Those who have already purchased the base game can get the new modes along with the redesigned UI. For the DLC characters, players will have to spend real money or they can earn the characters with in-game currency also known as Fight Money. There will be some in-game events in the Extra Battle Mode and after completing four challenges every month, players will be given an exclusive costume which will be available in the same mode only.

Soon after introducing the new DLC character for Street Fighter 5, the company also revealed more costumes for the game characters. There are different costumes based on specific themes. The costumes are available for Kolin, Karin, and Zangief.

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