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Does #45 Donald Trump Hate Women?

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( #45 hates women!  It probably was not necessary for me to say that, but if you didn’t already know it, we now know that #45 hates women—and he’s off the chart in his hatred of women of color.  Never mind that Black women have been acknowledged as the best educated in our nation—something we’ve known all along, while one of #45’s professors said he was the dumbest student he ever had.  We don’t brag about our education.  We just continue using our education to serve our people in need.

We, women of color, had #45’s number during the 2016 Presidential campaign. We saw clearly who he said he was when he bragged about his sense of entitlement when it comes to his groping women, and we believed him.  We believed him to be the kind of person he was recorded saying he was. That’s why a majority of all women of color voted against him.  Unfortunately, a majority of our white sisters voted for #45 despite what they knew about him. Now, he’s wrecking the world for them as well as for us.

#45 has no problem being a big bad bully, being racist, homophobic, narcistic, untruthful and being openly disrespectful toward anybody who disagrees with him. The immature name calling has exceeded all sense of decency and is so far below standards we should see from the President of the United States.

What more does it take for the 53% of our white sisters who betrayed us and voted for #45 to see the light? Whatever fault one may find with Hillary, she ran circles around him during the campaign.  He couldn’t touch her life of public service or her caring for the least of God’s people. To cover up his own shortcomings, #45 continues to taunt her by describing her as “Crooked Hillary.”

Numerous women have come forward about his sexually harassing them; but more recently, in the midst of a massive crisis in Puerto Rico, while she was working her heart out on behalf of her people, #45 chose to denigrate and disrespect another woman, calling her a liar. Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz’s only sin was that she was a woman begging for help to save her people. As an American citizen, she had a right to seek help from the American President.

Again, #45 has chosen to disrespect the Honorable Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson by calling her “wacky”, and having his Chief of Staff further publicly denigrate her with false information.  While disrespecting the Congresswoman, he further disrespected Sgt. La David Johnson and his family by keeping up the nonsense on Congresswoman Wilson and choosing to play golf while Sgt. Johnson’s funeral was being held. He tweeted silly comments for many days.

Because of #45’s horrible behavior toward women, I find there is no wonder the First Lady looks as though she would rather be anywhere in the world other than with him when they’re walking or she’s standing beside him.  It appears that she just “stands by her man” out of a sense of duty or is it out of a sense of fear of him if she doesn’t?  While I want to feel sorry for her, she does have choices that many of the women her husband has, and continues to mistreat, do not have. I pray that she remembers the women #45 has hurt and continues to hurt with his policies.

Let me be clear.  I stand in support of all the women who’ve been demeaned, hurt, abused and disrespected by FLOTUS’ husband. Doesn’t FLOTUS have an obligation to at least make a statement about sexual harassment, bullying, verbal abuse of women, silly antics, and unjust treatment of other marginalized people?

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

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