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Teachers Can’t Parent Your Children.

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( Education is very important, but it does not begin at school it starts at home. When we look at the state, and behavior, of our young people it is appalling. Teachers are not just stressed about pay, and state testing. Teachers are also tapped out at the end of the day from wrestling with children that have no concept of proper behavior, nor respect. Many reach out to the parents for help, and too many parents are making excuses for their kinds. Standards begin with parents, and if you aren’t willing to set them in place what is a teacher to do?

When a student is disruptive he/she does not just tamper with their learning process, but that of other children. Many of us are “new age” parents whereby we are parenting from a text book, and at the comfort of our children. This is a mistake, and for the betterment of our children we must turn this around.

You can’t give a child what you don’t have. Standards, and a spirit of excellence, starts with you. Parents must acknowledge we have given over control of the home to the children so in a sense there is no order. Ironically, this begins before children as born. When we are with child often we are told the baby is going to run the house, and we subconsciously prepare for just that. When the babies are infants it doesn’t take them long to understand how to make you jump at their command. When boundaries, and rules are not implemented when the child is young behavior issues will be inevitable. Keeping this in mind children will learn more from what you do than what you say. When parents are structured in their own lives that structure trickles down to their children.

Children don’t decide what’s for dinner, what they are watching on TV, when they go to bed, if they take a bath, etc. These areas must be managed by parent. Of course, your kids are going to test you, and when they do they should have consequences that deter disrespectful behavior. This will mean putting social media, the phone, and tablets down to actually tend to the rearing of your children. They should not be raising themselves, nor spending more time with devices than they do with you. Too often we pacify the children with gadgets, and that is a huge mistake in social and behavior development.

Raising children is a building process from the moment they are born. When parents take full accountability of that task they, and others, will see the fruit of their labor of love. No child is perfect, but when there is structure, expectations, and active parents at home students tend to be better behaved at school. Teachers can do the job of educating because they aren’t wrestling with a child that feels they can do what they want in the classroom because that is what they do at home.

Furthermore, if you know your children suffer from different disabilities then teachers must be aware of such so they can be on board with you the parent to give the child the best learning environment possible. For the sake of the future of our community, which is the children, we as parents must be as hands on as possible in assuring they get the best education, and they behave in a manner by which they can take full advantage of what their teachers are offering.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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