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Tekken 7 Geese Howard DLC Release Date, Features & More Details.

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( Geese Howard is coming to Tekken 7 this winter. The game director Katsuhiro Harada made this announcement long back and since then, players are waiting for the Geese Howard DLC release. Howard is the legendary villain from the Fatal Fury franchise. During the Evo 2017, the company confirmed that the character will be a part of an upcoming DLC. A reveal trailer was also released for the new guest.

In Tekken 7, Geese will be joining as the second guest coming from a different franchise which is not operated by Bandai Namco. Capcom and Namco have worked together on the titles like Street Fighter, and now a character from SNK is coming to the Tekken universe. Capcom and SNK have worked together on the titles like the Capcom vs. SNK franchise. This is the first time an SNK character is making its way to a Bandai Namco game.

The upcoming character Howard appeared in several games including Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. In the Fatal Fury series, the character died, but we know that the developers don’t mind bringing dead characters back to the games. And it’s really good that the characters make comeback and their death in some games are not permanent.

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the character and also shared some images of Geese in action. The character will make his debut in Tekken 7 in his original look. His short hair, blue eyes, and overall outfit remain the same. Those who have played with the character in other games can easily relate his outfit to Heihachi’s. Geese has a red hakama. You will find him wearing a necklace. There’s a scar on his chest and there’s one more across his eye. Those who never had a chance to see Geese in action, the trailer released by Bandai Namco clearly shows that he is a powerful man on a mission to defeat the game’s characters.

Geese is a character with overall strength. He has got different moves to punish his opponents. His projectile is very similar to Eliza but you will observe that it appears in light blue color. Aura blasts and spikes are the forms of his projectile. Geese can successfully block his opponent’s move and can grapple them down. His counter grappling move can be seen in the trailer released by Namco. However, players will be taking advantage of his unique moves in combats, but the overall strength of Geese won’t let the players feel that the character is overpowered in any way.

Geese Howard is coming as the second guest character for the game. Namco released Akuma as the first guest character. Both Akuma and Geese are very strategic additions in the game and will most likely be chosen by many players.

Tekken 7 is growing rapidly and with the upcoming DLC pack, the game will most likely get more players. Recently, On Twitter, Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that the game is really doing well. Harada revealed that the game has sold over 2 million copies on PS4 and Xbox One in the first three months. The game was launched in June this year and till September, it has sold a large number of copies on consoles.

On PC also, the game is doing well, but as compared to the sales on consoles, Tekken 7 didn’t perform as expected. According to fans, the game is absolutely stunning on PC, but many of them wonder why PC sales touched just 300,000 units mark. We believe that the adoption of the game will rise during the coming months. The new DLC pack is arriving this winter of 2017 and there will be many discount offers on both the consoles and PC platforms.

During the Black Friday deals, many new players will also join the game and when the holiday season will arrive, many console bundles will be available on discounted rates bringing new players on board.

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