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Controlling Anxiety: 3 Challenges you’ll face & How to Deal like a Boss.

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( Controlling anxiety means following a certain path for desired results. When you begin controlling things, obstacles become a part of the journey. So if you or someone you know is battling anxiety, there are chances that the obstacles would want to stop you from reaching your goal. The good news is there are ways to deal with such problems. Read on to learn how to control anxiety and address the challenges you might face.

1. Fear of failure

None of us wants to talk about failure. But we all know that many of us are afraid of failing and the fear of failure stops us doing the things that can help us achieve our goals. The moment you take a decision, for example controlling anxiety, overcoming depression, quitting a bad habit, being more productive at work, or anything that can make your life thousand times better, the fear of failure asks you to play safe. But the reality is different.

If you fail, you will be encouraged to do far more than what you would be doing after achieving success. The fear of failure will ask you to minimize your efforts. It will tell you to stop gaining control over your life and it will tell you to adjust with the circumstances or even if your willpower is a little bit strong, your fear will ask you to settle for less. If it does, don’t give up. Don’t agree to what your fear tells you.

Remember, you’re not meant to survive, you’re meant to thrive. Controlling anxiety is a painful path, but that’s how you truly overcome anxiety.

2. Waiting for the right moment

When you battle anxiety, your chances of giving up become high. The reason is you want to delay things for tomorrow. Many of us want to wait for the perfect day when things will be in the way we want them to be. The truth is there’s no perfect plan or the perfect moment. Whatever you can do to overcome anxiety, you must do it without breaking the plan just in search of that right moment.

If you feel the urge to change your plan, think before you decide. Sometimes, the biggest problem lies in not following a certain path. For example, your anxiety, stress comes from a source. Your first step to control your anxiety would be making some changes – separating yourself from that source or making changes in the way you interact with that source. All these things are a part of your plan, but when you start waiting for the right moment, you make your path more complicated by allowing yourself to wait for the time when it will be easier for you to take actions. Don’t wait, just start implementing right away.

3. Lack of trust

Some people who deal with anxiety seek medical assistance. Depending on the level of anxiety, discussing your problem with an experienced doctor is wise. If you find it hard on how to tell your doctor you have anxiety, you can ask one of your family or close friends to come with you to help explain what triggers your anxiety. But make sure that you are not manipulating their thoughts and trusting their way to see your problems. The biggest problem with people is they believe what they want to believe. A doctor, a friend or anyone with whom you are discussing your anxiety may not see your problems in the way you see them. It’s not a bad sign, in fact, it’s a good thing that you’re with a person who is seeing things from a different level.

For example, if you look at the world with the feeling of helplessness, it is not necessary for a doctor or someone else to have the same views on those things. If you’re discussing things with people whose thoughts can be manipulated easily, it’s a signal that you should stop. If they also start feeling the same way you feel, you’re not only inviting them into your world of anxiety, but you’re expanding your circle in a wrong way. Your anxiety attracted that person and his/her thoughts will likely attract some more negativity around you. Be very careful about the people you spend time with.

Sometimes many of us stop seeing the difference between what we can control and what can’t be changed. As a result, we waste energy in controlling the circumstances which are out of our preview. Many just give up when they see obstacles on the way, but if you want to come out of it, believe in your inner strength.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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