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Friday, September 21, 2018

Hillary Clinton Cultists, Listen Up!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Whenever Clinton cultists try to point their finger at those of us who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton it makes me want to throw up. They shouldn’t point their finger at those of us who refused to vote for this woman, but look to themselves for being so delusional that they thought they could force the most hated and distrusted Democratic nominee down the people’s throat since the Civil War.
The Democrats didn’t lose to Trump on election night; Trump became the President-Elect during the Democratic primaries due to the unrealistic, short-sighted, and uninformed stupidity of Clinton cultists during the Democratic primaries. They didn’t have sense enough to realize that trying to force America to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was like trying to force INFORMED Americans to choose between cyanide and strychnine. In addition, they failed to realize that conservatives who claimed not to like Trump, secretly loved everything he stood for, so when they went into the voting booth, they secretly voted for him.
On the other hand, trying to get INFORMED progressives to vote for Hillary Clinton – who, again, was the most lying, distrusted, and hated Democratic nominee since the Civil War – they were asking progressives who were much more informed than themselves to vote for David Duke, since the Clintons have done a hundred times more damage to the American middle class, minorities, and the Black community than the Klan has ever done. So they need to put that dumb-ass bullshit to rest. We have Trump as a direct result of Clinton cultist’s closed-minded lying, deceit, corruption, and uninformed determination to shove Hillary Clinton down America’s throat in spite of the fact that we said we didn’t want her.
The Clintons walk like liberals and talk like liberals but they always seem to leave conservative policies in their wake. They’ve been more successful in promoting the conservative agenda and destroying the American middle class way of life than any administration in American history, including Ronald Reagan’s. They’re responsible for NAFTA, which allowed $20 an hour jobs to be sent out of the country to be performed by people who make less per week than many upper-middle class Americans spent on lunch per day, and they gutted Glass-Steagall (which President Roosevelt put into place to prevent Wall Street greed from plunging the nation into a second Great Depression), which led directly to the 2008 Wall Street crash. Clinton also abolished the Fairness Doctrine (no, it wasn’t Reagan as many people think. Reagan simply prevented it from being elevated from a regulation to a law, but Clinton abolished it outright). That led to the creation of the corporate media culture and propaganda machines like Fox News that were then allowed to spew conservative propaganda and disinformation with impunity.

Clinton’s “Welfare Reform” led to the undue suffering of millions of poor Americans. And then, after colluding with Ronald Reagan to flood the Black community with crack cocaine while governor of Arkansas, after becoming president, even as Black people were running around calling him our “first Black president,” Clinton signed the most draconian crime bill in United States history to incarcerate on a massive scale the very victims of the crime that HE committed, just to prove to Republicans that he wasn’t “soft on coons” – and he actually paid states EXTRA to give those victims longer sentences. As result, today there are more Black people under the control of the prison industrial complex than were enslaved in all of America in 1850, a decade prior to the Civil War, and that very same prison industrial complex became one of Hillary Clinton’s largest and most prolific political contributors.
Thus, as a direct result of Clinton’s unconscionable actions the lives of hundreds of thousands of Black people have been completely destroyed – and it’s still having a negative impact on Black people today. There’s currently a huge part of an entire generation of young Black people who don’t know anything about their culture, and don’t really know what it means to be Black, because the people who were responsible for teaching them were either dead, in prison, or mentally disabled by the affects of crack cocaine. As a direct result, instead of developing their potential and preparing for the future, many of these young people, who were literally raised by the corporate media, has been conditioned to believe that their role in life is to be criminals, drug addicts, and at the very bottom of society. In addition, they’re being mesmerized by the media by being fed a constant diet of music that celebrates drug use, killing one another, and referring to the very womb of their culture as “bitches and hoes.” So their fate is all but sealed. And worse, they’re unfit parents for the generation that’s coming up.

So when anyone even suggests that I should have voted for Hillary Clinton, I’m absolutely insulted, because it clearly demonstrates that they are, at the very least, completely indifferent to the atrocities that the Clintons committed against the Black community – and unbelievably, this includes many Black people!!! These people will say, “Okay, okay, so they destroyed a generation of Black people and herded others into concentration camps, but what else have they done wrong?” Give me a break!!! If a new election were held tomorrow and my vote alone would determine the outcome, I’d still vote against Hillary, Trump, or noTrump. It’s much easier to fight a bloviating idiot than it is the insidious treachery of a Hillary Clinton, because it’s more subtle, and not in your face. .

The New York Times reported the following:
“In lucrative paid speeches that Hillary Clinton delivered to elite financial firms but refused to disclose to the public, she displayed an easy comfort with titans of business, embraced unfettered international trade and praised a budget-balancing plan that would have required cuts to Social Security, according to documents posted online Friday by WikiLeaks.
“The tone and language of the excerpts clash with the fiery liberal approach she used later in her bitter primary battle with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and could have undermined her candidacy had they become public.
“Mrs. Clinton comes across less as a firebrand than as a technocrat at home with her powerful audience, willing to be critical of large financial institutions but more inclined to view them as partners in restoring the country’s economic health.
“In the excerpts from her paid speeches to financial institutions and corporate audiences, Mrs. Clinton said she dreamed of “open trade and open borders” throughout the Western Hemisphere. Citing the back-room deal-making and arm-twisting used by Abraham Lincoln, she mused on the necessity of having “both a public and a private position” on politically contentious issues [In other words, sometimes it’s necessary to lie to the people]. Reflecting in 2014 on the rage against political and economic elites that swept the country after the 2008 financial crash, Mrs. Clinton acknowledged that her family’s rising wealth had made her “kind of far removed” from the struggles of the middle class.”


Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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