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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gran Turismo Sport Game Modes: What’s New & What’s Changing.

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( Gran Turismo Sport game modes are in question, especially the availability of a Career mode in GT Sport. This October, video game developer Polyphony Digital will bring a new entry in the series and the PS4 exclusive title will come with the best imaging technologies available today. There are many questions from fans about what’s new in the upcoming game and what would be in the game in terms of modes. Read on to find the answers.

With 4K and HDR support, Gran Turismo Sport runs nicely at 60fps. Without a doubt, GT Sport brings the highest level of realism in the world of racing games for consoles. The game even provides stunning visuals on ordinary TV sets.

Sony has also introduced a GT Sport version PS4 bundle coming October 18 with the game. The company has only revealed the release details for the U.K., Europe, and Australia, while the launch of the limited edition slim (1TB) console and customized controller in North America still remains a mystery. Sadly, the bundle includes Slim, not the PS4 Pro which is a very strange decision because Gran Turismo Sport is very much suitable for the Pro console. The reason behind Sony’s move is still unclear. Those who have purchased or plan to purchase PSVR will be able to experience 360-degree 3D environment with the game as it supports VR too.

Since everything in the game is really good, the only thing which is making fans worried about the game’s content is its modes. There are many players who believe that the game doesn’t bring any Career mode and it is pointless to buy it if the game lacks such highly anticipated feature. Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi, who is the producer and designer of the game told in an interview that the game is going to be different this time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be lacking content.

Players will need to understand the idea behind the changes coming to the series and it is very clear that the game is going to be great in terms of gameplay. As far as the Gran Turismo Sport game modes are concerned, there is a massive Sport Mode in GT Sport. The developers highlight the mode as “the next 100 years of Motorsports.” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The Sport mode is proposed by the International Automobile Federation and Gran Turismo. There’s an advanced matchmaking system that allows players to challenge fellow players of the same level in matches.

There are 4 different modes in the campaign and each of them is obviously having a different objective. There’s also a driving school where players will get to learn driving skills for mission challenges and racing. The developers have included real life videos to educate players about different challenges. In the Arcade mode, players can take time trial challenges and can complete their races against the AI. The developers have added several custom races so that players can set rules. In case if you just want to explore the game with friends online, Lobby is there to do so. The lobby is a game mode where you can host races or participate in the races hosted by friends.

GT Sport brings 17 different locations and 28 layouts including the specifically designed tracks for races and also urban expressway to test your racing skills. The tracks include race circuits, public roads, and dirt tracks as well.

What’s more interesting in the Gran Turismo Sport is that it is an emotional journey. The series is there for around two decades now, and it has witnessed how the world of gaming has changed over the years.

There’s a new portal in the game called Brand Central where you can purchase branded cars, but what’s more exciting is that you can check the history of the brands and their movies are also available to watch. What would be the best way to know about the journey of your favorite car makers from their day one to present day?

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