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Travel with Caution.

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( Traveling abroad is an exciting method of vacation. More people are branching out to see parts of the world around them. It is not uncommon for students, upon graduating, to pack up and board a plan looking for a grand adventure. While this rite of passage is exhilarating it is important to proceed with caution. When one thinks of traveling carefully thorough planning, and having information such as the location and contacted number of the US Embassy may come to mind. However, one must also consider precaution in regards to race.

It is fair to say that every traveler will not experience racism while traveling in different countries. However, for every group of travelers that don’t…there are those that do. Black Americans must remember many foreigners are affected by American media, so if we are portrayed violent super predators in this media…someone abroad saw this also. Some travelers that travel with non black friends notice the difference on treatment between them, and their travel mates. The reality of race, for whatever reason it exists, must be acknowledged of you are to travel with caution.

Language can be a barrier, but culture can present a more rigid barrier. I’m not saying make yourself a dorrmat for negative foreign treatment, but it’s important to avoid conflict at all costs. Grant it you don’t want to spoil your trip, but I’m more instances than race…you are an American and that’s a larger perception to deal with. Going g to jail in a foreign country for breaking laws, or for altercations will do more than spoil a trip…you may find the road home both difficult and expensive.

Furthermore, you may never make it home alive. Unfortunately, this was the case of Bakari Henderson from Austin, TX. In the tourist district of Greek islands Zakynthos it was said that Henderson was at a bar and a fight broke out. Sources say he, and those involved in the altercation, were asked to leave. Henderson found himself surrounded, and he was severely beaten and died from those wounds. This young black man had just graduated college, and has his life ahead of him. Instead of welcoming him home…his family must prepare to lay him to rest. To some he was no safer abroad then I’m the US. However his location should not be downplayed. A hearing for those involved is approaching as investigation takes place. When travelling to Chicago there are a lot of Chicago hotels to choose from. Make sure to find one in a safe area that is ideally close to the city center.

It is not fair to say whether or not Bakari Henderson could have avoided losing g his life. What we can draw from this is going abroad can be dangerous. For all the fun, and adventure it is important to proceed with caution, and go with people you trust. It’s fair to wonder why people stood by as this man was beaten…or was he alone. It is important not to be afraid of embracing life, and all of its adventure. However, you must be wise and conscious of the state of the world. It’s important to remember you are a visitor on someone else’s home court. Plan well, stay alert, avoid altercation and conflicts and of course enjoy the experience.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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