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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Revolutionary People’s Movement & Their Rising Fight Against The Colonial Status Quo In St. Petersburg, Florida.

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( Lately, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on what’s been going on down there in “The Sunshine State” of Florida & in particular St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Revolutionary People’s Movement has been rising up and taking a stand against a corrupt city government and a disgusting status quo that has oppressed them historically and today as well as calling out the enemies of the people from the corrupt, white nationalist politicians in Rick Baker and Rick Kreisman to the notorious boot licking negroes for The State in Maria Scruggs and Mamma T.

Last week alone has been very intense starting last Monday night in what was supposed to be a “forum for the people” was actually deliberately rigged by The League Of White Women Voters when they deducted time from a 20 year old black woman named Akile because her supporters in the audience clapped and cheered for her and not only that, she wasn’t even allowed to properly introduce herself to the audience.

Not only that, Akile was told that she was “too loud” & “too angry by the white nationalist moderator when she spoke. Then Akile was only given some 30 seconds to answer the questions when her opponents were given two minutes, if that ain’t a rigged debate, then I don’t know what is. They don’t have a problem when an old Becky or old Massa hollers out loud, but because Akile’s a 20 year old black woman, she was deliberately singled out by the white nationalist moderator at the debate as being “the angry black woman“.

And then the notorious boot licking negro for The State in Mamma T had the nerve to say that “she was there” on the night that one of the girls were illegally chased, corralled, and pushed into a pond by the armed thugs of The PASCO Sherriff’s Office, who by the way has a very notorious history of murdering young urban teenagers. Mamma T’s disrespectful comment not only angered the mother of one of the girls whose life was taken away from her by The State, but this strong fierce mother exposed Mamma T’s lies as well as being a boot licking negro for the state.

After that intense shouting match in which the hard working urban woman won, but the white nationalist moderator of all people decided to “punish the troublemakers” (colonial code phrase for “punishing bad negroes“) by sending the armed thugs of The SPPD (who actually came to the event in 25 squad cars) and their canines and basically sicked them on not just the people’s movement supporters, but Akile was also a victim of police terrorism that night when she was also chased by those same armed thuggish police officers and their canine dogs. If anything, this has only intensified Akile’s contempt for the police in general.

With myself and Akile, one has to understand where we both came from and our families history with the police, me and her father have been incarcerated (me in the county jail & her father in the pen), we both have had relatives incarcerated in the pen (5 of my 6 older brothers have been incarcerated in the pen, but 2 of them are currently incarcerated in the pen & some of my cousins and some of old friends from my old neighborhood are currently incarcerated in the pen & her father has been incarcerated in the pen and her uncle is currently incarcerated in the pen aka penitentiary).

After what happened at the rigged debate at St. Pete last Monday night, white nationalism once again reared its ugly head when a white nationalist from The PASCO Democratic Party Chairwoman named Susan McGrath called The Revolutionary People’s Movement “a domestic terrorist organization“, that’s what they said about The Black Panther Party, MLK, and Malcolm X in the 1960s. And then the other white nationalist Jim “Crow” Jackson said on a local radio show that he hopes that The Revolutionary People’s Movement will be bombed by police like The MOVE Organization was bombed by The Philadelphia Police in May 1985.

And not only that, but they have also viciously targeted one of the candidates that’s representing The People’s Movement in Akile because she’s a unapologetic intellectual young black woman who refuses to bow down to the colonial status quo and because of that, she’s received over 100+ death threats from white nationalists throughout this entire week, but I know she will not be intimidated by idle cowardly death threats because she’s gonna fight until she wins The City Council District 6 seat.

I liken Akile’s fight to win District 6 to that of a football player running the ball with fierce determination until she scores the game winning touchdown for her team.

The Status Quo, they know they ain’t got no win come August 29th because The People’s Movement will come out on top and emerge victorious.

The Conclusion – Even though The Colonial Status Quo will do any and everything to stifle The Revolutionary People’s Movement, but I see The Revolutionary People’s Movement in St. Pete coming out on top August 29th and I’m a supporter of The Revolutionary People’s Movement and I’m strongly rooting for them.

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