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Thursday, December 13, 2018

7 Top Tips For Men To Improve Their Lives.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) As men and women, we find it easy and even quite comfortable, perhaps, to get into a rut and stay in it. But there eventually comes a point where we begin to realize that there might be a few important things we should change to improve the quality of our lives.

One could focus on virtually anything under a rubric like “things that will improve your life,” and the list could wrap around the earth several times. Here, I will select an array of possible improvements guided simply by the principle of choosing items that most of us probably are currently omitting or doing wrong.

1. Supplement your thinking. The mind controls the body, and thus, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” In the first place, we all need to think about thinking more wholesome and beneficial thoughts. But secondly, the brain (the vehicle of the mind) needs various physical nutrients to work properly, and taking men’s supplements to promote “brain health” is another way you should consider supplementing your thought life.

2. Learn more about your mind. Do your research, including at online neurological and mind health sites like Corpina. The more you know about how your mind and your brain work and interact, the better position you will be in to avoid psychological depression, false euphoria, unrealistic expectations, and other “mental pitfalls.”

3. Use technology but take a break from it too. Both mental and physical health have benefited from tech advances like smartphone apps that can monitor patients from a distance, from virtual reality headsets that can simulate fears like flying to help you overcome phobias, and much more. Yet, too much time in front of the computer screen or flatscreen TV can rob you of true enjoyment of nature and of family life, besides risking side effects like severe eyestrain and insomnia. Don’t try to escape modern technology, but both limit its use and use it wisely where helpful or necessary.

4. Take action to put your mind at ease. Too often, we men sit and worry about something, but endlessly procrastinate on actually taking steps to alleviate or at least minimize our fears. Consider those who worry about the safety of their family when away at work but never invest in a modern home security system.

5. Take control of your diet. Many men like to call themselves “meat eaters” in contradistinction to vegans or vegetarians. In truth, we are probably omnivores, from the Greek word “omni” meaning “all,” since we eat everything we come across that we reason is most likely edible. More seriously, we need to get more serious about eating healthy in regard to both what we eat and how much we eat in order to feel better and live longer.

6. Balance work and home life better. Many men have a natural tendency to be “task-oriented,” which is not at all a bad thing since it helps them get a lot of valuable work done in a timely manner. Supporting your family is a noble goal, and you can’t do it by spending every day with them at the ballpark. That said, being a “workaholic” puts the means ahead of the goal and deprives you of spending “quality time” with the very people you love and are working to support.

7. Don’t argue about the elephant. The illustration of a group of blind men touching various parts of an elephant and trying to describe their findings has become common stock in religious and philosophical discussions. Here, I use the same illustration differently to simply speak of how different friends and family members have differing perspectives due to their diverse experiences and natural uniqueness. If it’s not an essential point and arguing has no chance of convincing anyone anyhow, better to quietly listen than to combatively “argue about the elephant.”

Staff Writer; Greg Jones

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