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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing the Blues sadly.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I guess once a star gets to a certain status they can be a bit diva-ish. However, Mariah Carey is known for being a diva far beyond what she can perform these days. Let’s be honest for a moment…Mariah Carey had a stronger voice than Janet Jackson hand down. Janet Jackson was no match for Mariah when it came to octaves. But these days Mariah Carey is more a “we remember when” kind of artist. I know some of you might think that’s unfair to say based on the family Janet Jackson comes from…but the longevity of that family really is Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Mariah is a headache diva that does not seem to adjust well with time. Her shows aren’t that entertaining, and it seems like her voice is shot. Mariah Carey spends more time running around in too small clothes that shine trying to hold on to an era in her life that has passed. Honestly, I wouldn’t pay a dime to see Mariah Carey in concert. I would prefer to remember her back when I loved her music and her voice was solid. Even on drugs Whitney Houston didn’t sound as bad as Mariah Carey sounds these days. Granted maybe she just needs a break and a large supply of ginger root tea to get it together, but she needs to do something.

Janet Jackson, on the other hand, evolves and is true to her dynamic stage presence. It can be argued that she is still relevant to music today. On her last album, her voice actually showed development, and sounded seasoned. Janet Jackson is a grown woman and it seems she is more comfortable with who she is right now. It’s a bonafide fact that Janet Jackson is an international superstar, and she may be difficult to work with…but we don’t know that. She has a famous family, but she came out of Michael Jackson’s shadow decades ago, and her other siblings can’t touch her. Janet Jackson will be going back on tour, and so many fans are ready to see their icon on stage. They know she won’t disappoint.

I have no idea if Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson know each other personally, but if Mariah Carey ever wants to be relevant again…maybe she and Janet Jackson should chat. Janet Jackson is still on fire…it makes me sad to think I see Mariah Carey as a has been. Mariah just feels like a waste of voice and talent.b

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15 Responses to “Janet Jackson Still Got It, Mariah Carey Singing the Blues sadly.”
  1. Litafan2000 says:

    Mariah sounds awful these days! Almost hard to listen to her these days. I recently was thinking about Whitney and I listened to a few of her concerts from 2010 and she didn’t sound that bad as the media made it out to be. Yes she was nothing like she use to be but she still gave it her all on that stage! Just listen to her 2009 ama performance or her x factor performance from 2009. Sounded close to the 1999 Whitney.I just don’t understand what’s going on with Mariahs voice. I will say Janet is no Whitney or Mariah!

  2. Ayanna says:

    Mariah has always been horrible Live. She is a studio artist. I like her music but loathe her “live” performances.

  3. Janet Jackson says:

    We must be honest Mariah Carey has never been on Janet Jackson level.

  4. Coquirey says:

    Dude, this shit sucks your ancestors ass! THEY ARE BOTH GREAT! Yes mariah does not due that tech dance that Janet does. However Mariah, found what works for her in her on stage presence. The Diva thing??? Please this is why Mariah does what she does becuase of haters like you, and yes she had them when she first hit the scene. Lasty, as for her voice, Mariah chose to sing this way, she did want to always belt and belt and more belt with her talent as she sated she has becamed bored with that style of singing. But whatever you got people to your site acting like Wendy Williams and the Inquirer. So kudos to an negative person with out facts! Also, Janet has said that people are to hard on Mariah for no reason.

  5. Jay says:

    This article is complete lunacy. To compare Mariah’s current voice with Whitney’s when she was in drugs is insane. Yes, Mariah’s voice may have changed with age but she hasn’t lost it. Obviously this “journalist” hasn’t done any research, Mariah and Janet do know each other. There are several articles and interviews where they acknowledge each other, and praise each other. There’s no denying Janet is very talented. But they are most definitely not on the same level. This is just another article giving in to the Mariah smear campaign instead of actually researching the truth.

  6. Rene says:

    Firstly there is a HUGE difference between a performer and an artist and Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson are true artists. Secondly to the writer of this article have you ever seen Mariah Carey perform LIVE? I guess not that is why you are so naive in this article that you write. Her voice is extremely powerful and thats the reason why Mariah Carey is a Diva is because she has earned the position she is in, she has been singing her whole life and has achieved great success. She is not a has been because she is still making music and went on the Sweet sweet fantasy tour last year which was a success, so check your facts first before you consider writing articles

  7. Sanket says:

    Janet is singer while Mariah is screamer. Janet is best dancer. Janet is best performer as well. Put Janet and Mariah on stage and Janet will eat Mariah in a sec.

  8. Lol says:

    I agree Mariah is a mess, but Janet? Lol! Janet has not been relevant since All For You (26 years ago), well maybe to just one person (looks at the author). Looking at how her songs performed, clearly she did not evolve well, she’s doing a poor job compared to the dinosaurs.

  9. Juan Antonio says:

    What a piece of garbage this article is. First of all, Mariah and Janet are both legends but they´re very different type of artists. Besides, that 2016 year end debacle due to Dick Clark Productions technical failures which Mariah undeservedly took all the blame was neither the only performance of 2016 nor the last one she has made. I´m not going to waste time stating facts here cause the “even on drugs Whitney Houston didn´t sounded as bad as…” sentence invalidates all of this shit.

  10. Courtney says:

    I see some of you didn’t notice what the article said. The author is talking about evolving as an artist. Let’s be honest Mariah’s voice is not what it use to be and she needs to evolve from what she is currently doing. She hasn’t accepted where her current vocal range is at. Maybe if he’d compared how Janet has evolved to that of Madonna it would make more sense.

  11. xyz says:

    You are clearly trying to make Janet happen again but the GP left her in the 90s where she belongs.

  12. What? says:

    Deshawn Summers! That is a LIE about Janet not singing live!! A major one. I’ve seen her multiple times throughout the years, Janet actually sings AND dances simultaneously! I’ve seen her actually stop in the middle of a verse, WHILE she is dancing, to catch her breath, then continues to sing. Some of her numbers are lipped, but not my much and her ballads definitely aren’t lipped.

  13. BBushell says:

    A number of successful runs in Vegas without a single critic indicating that her voice was shot. May not be as strong as it used to be some hAve observed. But certainly no foolish hyperbole that would compare her voice to Whitney’s on drugs. That invalidates this entire article actually. Many have observed how Mariah’s career has evolved – some hate, some just preferred her 90s version and some are still fans. I preferred 90s Mariah no doubt. But don’t write this garbage trying to pit to great artists against each other and writing off key alternative facts in the process.

    Btw. Care to put Mariah and Janet on stage together with just a mic and a piano and see how that turns out?????? Complete clown!!!

  14. Mimi says:

    This is not accurate article and so stupid. Mariah can still sell what she have, concerts, tours, everything.

  15. Deshawn Summers says:

    What a hateful and inaccurate piece you wrote. Highly disrespectful and plain misinformed. Janet is a legend and undoubtedly one of the greatest female performers that ever lived, but she doesn’t sing a single note live in most of her performances, so to compare the two is just stupid. May I add that Mariah is no where near the level of vocal damage that the dearly departed Whitney was facing. Mariah however is still singing and selling out shows to some great reviews. People who actually attend her show could tell you that she still has it despite the two videos everyone likes to share on social media. Also the fact that Mariah was able to chart every year for 26 years straight is a testament to how timeless she is and the longevity she has achieved. Whether or not you believe me is up to you, but you should do a bit more research before you write such one sided opinionated misinformed articles like this one. We need to respect our legends while they are still here making music.

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