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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Actor Samuel L. Jackson Betrayed Blacks Again in Georgia.

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( Award winning black actor and civil rights activist Samuel L. Jackson cut a radio ad for the congressional special election in Georgia. Jackson urged Georgia voters to vote democrat to stop racist and sexist Donald Trump.

Folks, as an American who happens to be black, I respectfully report that Mr Jackson has a history of delusional thinking in regards to race relations in America. Over the years, Jackson has repeatedly excoriated Americans. Recently, Samuel L. Jackson accused America of being “full of white supremacists” who elected a “white supremacist president.”

Everything out of this so-called civil rights activist’s mouth is counter productive to real black empowerment.

I challenge you to name a blockbuster Hollywood movie which does not feature Samuel L. Jackson. Okay, that statement may be a bit over the top, but you get my point. This guy is an awesome actor. His work ethic is legendary. Rather than trashing the millions of white movie goers who purchase tickets to see him, shouldn’t Jackson be focused on encouraging blacks to follow his lead?

What gets me about so many of these mega-wealthy and mega successful blacks is they never say “do what I did to become successful”; work hard, make responsible choices and strive for excellence. No, instead, these rich blacks betray their people by advocating the democrats’ keep-them-on-our-plantation formula. These powerful black mouthpieces for the Leftist agenda tell blacks, “y’all should demand more government assistance checks and democrats mandating lower standards for blacks.” Every democrat so-called black empowerment program subliminally sends blacks the message that they are short-bus-to-school Americans. Leftists are peerless in their bigotry of lowered expectations in regards to black Americans.

This is why as a black conservative I remain frustrated that republicans are branded racist. In reality, democrats are the true racists. My GOP brothers and sisters have never talked down to me or inferred that standards needed to be lowered to give me a fair shot.

That is all my 90 year old black dad asked for back in 1952, a fair shot at becoming a Baltimore City firefighter. Despite horrific racist working conditions, dad won “Firefighter of the Year” two times without a single standard lowered for him. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

By sticking his nose into the Georgia congressional election as a democrat hack operative, Mr. Jackson is selling-out his people again; helping to falsely brand Donald Trump a racist. Have you checked the numbers Mr Jackson? Blacks suffered big-time under 8 years of Obama; epidemic unemployment; socially and economically going backwards.

Donald Trump will be far better for blacks than Obama. Mr Jackson, I pray that you will get your head together. Please stop being a puppet, continuing democrats’ decades of deceiving and exploiting blacks to keep them voting democrat.

Mr. Jackson, please start proclaiming the truth to black youths, “do what I did and you can have what I have.” Samuel L. Jackson’s net worth is approximately $165 million.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.



2 Responses to “Actor Samuel L. Jackson Betrayed Blacks Again in Georgia.”
  1. Wellness says:

    Samuel Jackson should be arrested. He is a pedophile and a murder. I need help telling the truth about him

  2. Smauel Jackson is a bigot, liar and nutcase. First he states he’s leaving the country if Trump wins, he won and we still have to put up with Jackson. Next he states we have to keep obamacare because he has relatives who can’t afford proper health insurance, with the money he’s making taking bit parts in all kinds of movies, he should be helping them, not forcing them to purchase the worst health care system in the world. Next, he states obamacare is affordable, only to those on subsidies, not the average citizen so he does not know where he comes from. Then he has the nerve to ask people what is in their wallets, like we would really tell him anything. He would be much better off keeping his mouth shut except to read dialogue for movies. He seems good at than but nothing else.

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